“I want my man to take care of the entire Balancing Act” – Riya Sen

Riya Sen has taken a forcible “PHERA’S” recently. Stop guessing who the guy is…. Well! It is none other than the most comical guy- Vinay Pathak. Stop jumping to conclusions… Riya is still single but not ready to mingle .This marriage has taken place on reel in debutant Deepa Mehta’s film “Tere Mere Phere”

riya sen

Since the film deals with marriage we ask Riya what is her take on marriage?” I feel there has to be no pre conceived notions which are prevalent all over. Marriage is a very sweet relationship it works only if we allow our partners to have their space. We need not try to change a person which then becomes a difficult job for both of us, as an individual grows with a persona and certain habits which then becomes very difficult to change. When in relationship one needs to take all good and bad in their stride and only then marriages work.”

And if marriage does not work, will you advice to part ways? “I think there is no need to stress yourself if a relationship goes sour. We have been bestowed upon a very beautiful life span so we need to enjoy it and have maximum fun. But we are no one to hurt any individual but then it is also to each one as to how they feel.”

Have you never been in love?“Smiles and blushingly answers”‘I have fallen in and out of love many times. But at the moment I am not interested in falling in love.” She further adds,” No I have had no sour taste but yes! I think marriage can happen at a little later stage.”

Talking about her journey she says,” I am satisfied 100% .What ever I have achieved until today brings no regret unto me. I believe in doing my bit and going ahead in life.”

Further talking like a philosopher she quips,” Love is unconditional. No one can intentionally fall in or fall out of it. Love happens if you find the other sex attractive and he or she becomes irresistible for you. I see no harm in going in for a companionship as long as you crave for his or her company. After all it is a matter of likes and dislikes.”

Well being single what will her like to find in her man?” All good qualities. My man needs be handsome, intelligent and he should be under taking all the balancing factors while being in relationship with me. I will want my man to be able to make and take appropriate decisions as I am unable to make quick decisions. My man needs to look after every minutest detailing in keeping me close to him.”

We interrupt and quiz and what will you do for your man?” I shall pour all my love and heart to him if has all these qualities.”
Jokes apart on a serious note she adds,” Actually I will also like to give in my share of responsibility as a woman. I shall take care about all his need.”

Last but not the least we quiz is Riya a difficult woman to handle? “I feel it varies from situations to situations. I can never be rude and I am quite amicable person. But at times some articles may have made a difference to my personality. I never like to throw any tantrums on the sets but at the same time if something I am looking forward to and have been promised for it then we shall surely remind them for it and ask for it. We are here to do our jobs but differences of opinions do matter and hence things are blown out of proportions.” She concludes.

Men with qualities that Riya is looking forward to can kindly queue in for Riya and try their luck!

-Lipika Varma

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