A creative gift for multi-lingual songs

A creative gift for multi-lingual songs

Jassie Gift continues to create music in five different film industries and as professes that language has never been a barrier. He has an infectious excitement as he talks about his forthcoming Kannada release Shailu, starring Ganesh and Bhama. “Famous singers like Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, Kailash Kher, Alisha and Vijay Prakash have sung for me. Plus, I have a larger audience who truly enjoy songs with fast beats,” says Jassie, when asked about the highlight of working in so many different languages. The audio tracks of his latest Kannada film Sanju weds Geetha ruled the charts for many weeks.

Jassie is now settled in Bengaluru and travels to his hometown, Thiruvananthapuram at least once a month for concerts and shows. Which Malayali can ever forget Lajjavathiye? Jassie has not walked out of the Malayalam industry either. After a string of chartbusters and melodies like Snehathumbi, Manikinavin and Azhakalila, he is on his way back to Mollywood with Sidharthan Bharathan’s Nidra and Achande Aannmakal, starring Sarath Kumar. Nidra is the old classic Bharathan film which starred Vijay Menon and Santhi Krishna, the remake will include soulful melodies with that indelible Jassie touch.

“A film is a collective effort. Everyone contributes and sometimes someone has to compromise,” says the music director, when asked about creative freedom while composing music for films. “I feel directors should voice their opinions about the work created by the music director or there could be a chance of songs getting repetitive,” he adds. The most overwhelming moment in his career came when his music was played during the World Cup held in West Indies. He also recalls how he was touched when he saw a small kid sing Lajjavathiye on a television programme.

Jassie started his career singing at South Park, Thiruvananthapuram, before film director Jayaraj found him. “I was lucky enough to have studied in the University College, attended all the south zone festivals and had contemporaries like Balabhaskar and Shaan studying in the same college. I composed my first song called Suna Suna during my college days. If not a musician, I would’ve been a professor in philosophy,” says Jassie, currently doing his Ph.D. in Indian philosophy and the concept of harmony.

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