A girls’ guide to India – a survivor’s handbook

Product Description
Telling it like it is, ‘A girls’ guide to India – a survivor’s handbook’ reveals to women backpackers everywhere what they really need to know. While lads can hoist on a rucksack containing a spare pair of pants and some ageing flip-flops without worrying about personal safety, hygiene or unwanted offers of ‘jiggy jiggy’, a girl about to explore the sub continent will have a long list of questions that men rarely need to ask. In an A-Z of essential topics find out what to put in your backpack, the intricacies of train travel, the second use of a mosquito net, and how to navigate the Indian toilet system without public humiliation. An amusing but useful set of tips for that upcoming trip or gap year, an… More >>

A girls’ guide to India – a survivor’s handbook

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