Aamir refuses to shoot for Kagti’s film

Mumbai:  The underwater shoot of the climax of Reema Kagti’s next untitled film, starring Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee, has been postponed.

The sequence was supposed to be shot in Khopoli, but due to dirty water the crew has decided to shoot the sequence in a foreign country, tentatively Bangkok.

A source from the crew said: “There is an important accident scene in the film where Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s vehicles collide and fall into a river. The entire sequence is shot underwater. It’s a very important scene and will be extensively shot for more than five days.”

Apparently, since it is a realistic film, most of it is shot at actual locations to keep the flavour intact.

Reema, reveals the source, was clear that she wanted to shoot the underwater sequence in an actual water body (a lake or a river) instead of a set. So after a recce, the production team settled for Khopoli, a small industrial town 70 kilometers away from Mumbai.”

“The crew reached Khopoli and shot the accident scene at the river for a day. Since it is an industrial town, the actors felt that the water was not very clean. It was then decided to shoot at the huge swimming pool of the Navy training school in Khopoli, but the tiles of the pool just didn’t look authentic. So after a lot of thought, Reema and Aamir decided to cancel the shoot there,” added the source.

Reema confirmed: “The visibility was a problem though the water was clean. But we have not fixed where we are doing the sequence yet.”

However the source says, “It will now happen next month, most probably in Bangkok. They will have to match everyone’s dates once again. Kareena is busy with the promotions of Bodyguard, so the shoot will happen after that.”

Aamir remained unavailable for comment.

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