Aamir to play Anna Hazare in a new film?

Mumbai:  Anna Hazare and his message of anti-corruption has not just caught the imagination of ordinary citizens, it has also planted an idea, that of a film, into the minds of Bollywood producers.

While there are rumours circulating that Prakash Jha will make a film on the movement with Amitabh Bachchan playing Hazare, what has now emerged is that well-known producer Madhu Mantena (who produced Ghajini and Jhootha Hi Sahi) has purchased the rights of an old Telugu film that revolves around the anti-corruption theme.

Titled Tagore, the film starred Chiranjeevi as an anti-corruption crusader who starts a vigilante organisation called Anti-Corruption Force.

It as old as 2003, and was quite forgotten, but suddenly there was a high demand for its remake rights, say sources. The producers of Tagore jacked up the remake rights of the film to a staggering Rs 10 crore.

What’s more, Mantena is believed to have paid up the amount.

When contacted, Mantena said he is in the process of acquiring the rights for the film. “I love the title and I love the message of the film. I think it’s far more relevant today than it was when it was made seven years ago.”

Interestingly, Tagore itself is the remake of a 2002 Tamil film called Ramanna. AR Murugadoss, who directed Ghajini for Mantena, had also written Tagore.

According to sources, Mantena wants to cast Aamir Khan in the role of the anti-corruption crusader. While not denying this bit of news, Mantena refused to talk about the subject. He said, “I can’t talk about the casting. It’s too early.”

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