Aaromale by Shreya Ghoshal

Awesome track by AR!! Flawless singing by Shreya G!! Notice a laughter sound at 3:33.It sounds too good!! 🙂

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  1. psjeev1 says:

    shreya ji…please continue this kind of stuff…expect more from you in future

  2. thugslyf says:

    Awsum 🙂

  3. nastydams says:

    @malusitu The “aromale” is a track from the film “vinnaithandi varuvaya”. Tamil..
    But i dont know if this track wil be there in the original cd..

  4. malusitu says:

    what is the movie name? from where can I download this? Please help me.

  5. FaiyazKolia says:

    Does anyone know where I can download this? Want to buy the cd but it’s not available here yet ):

  6. FaiyazKolia says:

    @harkoll i know right! but it just got released yesterday as part of the collectors edition of the cd!

  7. coolheart11 says:

    no need for the instruments here, but they bind well with the stunning voice!

  8. arnabbanerjeetweets says:

    Shreya mam…What alaaps….Listning in loops….Classical music is in you. Yours @arnabBj

  9. harkoll says:

    Why was this left out of the VTV CD!!! That’s criminal!

  10. sreekrishnanv says:

    thanks for the upload. Such a stunning 4 min piece. Ethereal !

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