Abhishek honoured with Green Globe award

New Delhi:  Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan
was today honoured with a Green Globe award for “outstanding
efforts by a celebrity” to fight climate change.

The 35-year-old actor, who received the award from noted
environmentalist R K Pachauri, said he has always tried to
associate himself with organisations who make efforts for a
greener future.

“I am humbled to have got this award… I remember as a
young student in boarding school I was taught about how much
our earth is suffering due to our style of living… But as I
left school and became an actor I somehow lost touch with all
these things… But I met Dr Pachauri and that reiterated the
belief in me that I can make a difference…
“As an actor I have a platform to reach out to the masses
and I want to put that to full use. I will continue to spread
the message of global warming and educate people about the
problems we might face in the future,” Abhishek said.

The actor also said it is the youth which can bring about
a major difference in tackling the issue of global warming.

“I believe the youth of our country is very powerful and
sure about things it has to do. It is them who can bring about
a major difference in tackling these climates issues. I hope
the next time we don’t need such award functions to highlight
the issues of climate but every individual realises his/her
responsibilities towards the environment.”

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