Anushka’s new friend Arjun Kapoor

Mumbai:  If the recent developments are any indication, it looks as if a new ‘friendship’ is blossoming in B-Town. We’re talking about Anushka Sharma and veteran filmmaker Boney Kapoor’s son Arjun.

In fact, there’s a strong buzz that she may be cast as his heroine in his debut movie, a Yash Raj production, given that she herself is an YRF protege.
Needless to say, Ranveer Singh may have cause for concern over his kabhi on/kabhi off girlfriend’s special bond with her newest pal.

The two apparently couldn’t be kept apart at a recent dinner.

Says a source connected with the studio, “Even though Aditya Chopra, Habib Faisal (director of Arjun’s debut film Virus Diwan) and a few other friends were present at this outing, Arjun and Anushka were chatting and laughing as if they’ve know each other for years.”

He further informs that the two young actors were introduced to each other by Faisal. “Habib was involved in the writing of Band Baaja Baarat, so Anushka knows him well.

Arjun has also become very friendly with him since he is directing Virus Diwan. So he’s like a catalyst in their friendship,” explains our source, adding that even otherwise, the two actors connect regularly over the phone.

So where does that leave Ranveer Singh? Our source tells us that he would be only too glad if Chopra casts a new girl opposite Arjun in Virus Diwan.

He elaborates, “That’s also because some girls have already been screen-tested for the part.

But if Aditya and Habib aren’t too impressed with them, it won’t be surprising if they cast Anushka opposite Arjun in their new movie.”

Habib declined to comment on the casting. While he conceded that he’s making a film with YRF, he maintained that it was for the studio major to make the official announcement.

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