Artist : Salman Khan, Ash King, Clinton Cerejo, Mika Singh, Amrita Kak, Rahat …

Who can make Boo!

Boo Boo

It’s no surprise to read Pritam’s name in the credits, but the kicker here is to read Himesh’s name next. Himesh is back in Salman’s camp? Apparently yes. Which means that many months ago, Reshammiya’s phone actually rang with a proposal that wisely did not want him to be a hero. Whatever turn of events followed, the fact is that the self-capped composer is back to where he started – composing for Bollywood flicks!

Bodyguard opens with what is accurately called the ‘title’ song crooned by Salman himself.. It starts with a misguided attempt at some tapori humour but quickly goes into some great sounding guitar chords. Just when things are beginning to sound promising, the track sinks into clichéd Bollywood territory and leaves us with absolutely nothing. Feel the heat? Feel the power? Ummm, no, not really.

Next up is one more cliché. ‘I Love You.’ OK, it’s not as bad as it seems because however rehashed the song sounds, it does have its sweet spots. Unfortunately, this is the only number provided by Pritam. With Ash King and Clinton Cerejo handling the vocals, this one is a long river of soppy love lines. There is some interesting mouth-organ and flamenco guitar weaving a melody in the background. But truth be told, this one should have gone to Mohit Chauhan although thankfully, Cerejo’s voice is what keeps this one floating above the water.

’Desi Beat’ is what we are subjected to next. It’s the full-on mass appeal, lowest common denominator, show-no-mercy party song that seems to crop up every two months or two weeks, depending on your standards. Fed up of ‘Dhinka Chikka’? ‘Desi Beat’ will fill that void in your life wonderfully. Mika’s singing is exactly what you expect and by the time the song reaches the finishing line, it’s pretty much dead. I hope ‘I Love You’ gets more air time than this desi drivel, but I may be wrong.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice starts the last song of the album, ‘Teri Meri’. It’s a duet with Shreya Ghoshal and it’s a slow, serious plod through the pain of love kind of song. Obviously, the film has some senti heartbreak scene and this is the song to enhance the emotions. It is also Himesh proving that he has a bone of variety and can come up with songs like this. Warning! Don’t hear this one when you are in a good mood!

Bodyguard really has nothing going for it musically. If one were to insist on picking a stand out track, it is ironically the one done by Pritam. But compared to other love songs doing the rounds these days, ‘I Love You’ is practically on its knees asking for forgiveness.

More than the film, this album is a reflection on how out of touch Himesh is and if this is going to be some kind of “comeback” for the composer, well; he won’t need a bodyguard ever again.

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