Ash not too posh to push, tweets Big B

New Delhi:  Voracious social networker and Aishwarya Rai’s father-in-law, Amitabh Bachchan, has revealed more details of the birth of his granddaughter on November 16.

He refuted stories of a C-section and said Aishwarya’s was a normal delivery, without epidural or painkillers.

“The often coined phrase ‘ too posh to push’ was put to rest in her case .. she was determined to do it the way she felt was correct!” he posted.

Mr Bachchan has earlier commended Aishwarya’s strength and courage during the delivery on Twitter and on his blog.

When a Twitter follower asked Mr Bachchan why he shared personal details, he posted: “the media had already written about it and some did not know facts and printed wrong .. said she had c-section .. so clarified it.”

He said the family was spending more time with the newborn …”each and every movement sinking deep into our memory cells …to narrate to them when older!”

Mr Bachchan also acknowledged all suggestions for names for the infant sent in by fans, saying “some of them really good … will run it by the parents .. !!”

Meanwhile his son and new father Abhishek Bachchan yesterday said he can not wait to take his wife and daughter home from the hospital.

That should happen anytime now.

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