Atif Aslam & Shreya Ghoshal in Washington DC (P2 by Saqib Ul Islam)

Produced & edited by Saqib Ul Islam Urdu VOA Pakistani pop and playback singer Atif Aslam performed in Washington DC which brought together thousands of Pakistani and Indian people together. The highlight of the concert was to promote peace between both countries through a project called Aman ki Asha. The first time in the history of the subcontinent major media groups in the two countries have launched a concerted effort to bring people together and create an environment to for peace and dialogue between India and Pakistan to succeed. Part 1 of the piece reflects the high point of this concert Aman Ki Asha. Both artists expressed their views about their respective countries and about sharing the stage. Part 2 is a detailed Interview with Atif Aslam, who is rarely seen on media and tv interviews. Atif talked about his future plans of working in a Pakistani film and singing in Indian films as a playback singer. Atif Aslam : Heartthrob of millions around the world with a Tamgha-e-Imtiaz (Medal of Distinction) from Pakistani government. He was awarded Best Playback singer in India in 2006. MTV named him as the most stylish and most wanted male singer in the subcontinent. Shreya Ghoshal : 4-time National Award and 4 Filmfare Award winning playback singer in Bollywood. At only 24 years old Ghoshal has won 29 national awards so far. Saqib Ul Islam Urdu VOA News Washington

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  1. katrinababeshah says:

    @imtiaz461 ATif and SHreya on HOTCHAAT. HOTCHAAT is top bollywood and hollywood show. SEARch HOTCHAAT on web and comments great there. So much action. HOTCHAAT stars Masala T ( and Alisha (cool

  2. 47mrcool says:


  3. hitman1231985 says:


    chup, badtameesh

  4. sohniistheone says:

    OMG that’s me at the end at 9:15

  5. kiransweety1 says:

    @docmandxb no ok,atif aslam nay khud apni pehchan banayi hai,agar jal atif ka afther hai tu dek lo k aj atif kidar hai aur ye jal kidar hai

  6. imtiaz461 says:

    Cool jaming!!

  7. lovestory2050sagar says:

    looking forward to his movie

  8. ringringable says:

    i’m the girl in the last part of the video!!!!

  9. tasin420 says:


  10. evilguri16111989 says:

    @docmandxb ahem….dude whatever happened between goher mumtaz and atif aslam is none of our business…..they both produce good music …we listen to it ..why are you bad mouthing people….like it makes a difference to atif if u call him an asshole!

  11. TheBreathingdragon says:

    atif is simply amazing..ATIF ROCKS!!!!!!

  12. docmandxb says:

    Atif gando why you siad you not strat from JAL ………Jal is like your father they give you brith in music industry

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