BEDROOM (2011) Bengali Movie Music Launch

Bedroom (2011) Bengali Movie Audio Songs Release

Bedroom (2011) Bengali Movie Music Release

Bedroom (2011) Bengali Film Songs

Bedroom (2011) Bengali Audio Songs Soundtrack OST

Calcutta December 14, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio/ Penning Creations): Bedroom’s original soundtracks were introduced to the audience in a much mellowed-down affair at Planet M, Money Square. A total of 7 compositions have been included, each with their own distinct flavor, attempting at their best, to bring out the inner turmoil of the characters portrayed.

Bedroom’s Original Soundtrack was slated for release on Friday (December 9), later postponed to December 12, following the tragic loss of lives in AMRI, Kolkata, after a unanimous decision by the cast and crew. Also, the entire collection from the first day sale of CDs will go towards the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, a laudable effort, at that.

Due to release soon, Bedroom is Mainak Baumik’s take on urban relationships, especially Gen-Z Indians. In focus here are the tangled relationships of the protagonists, at the root of which is their existential crisis. Doing complete justice to the true essence of this contemporary ensemble is the musical compositions of the rock duo – Rupan Islam and Allan Ao. Rupam Islam has sung three of the 7 soundtracks (Who Am I, Aamen and Bedroomey), his personal favorite being Who Am I, which he feels, is the most pertinent question, invariably faced by every modern Indian as they return to their respective “bedroomsâ€� at the end the day.

The term Bedroom, as it is applied in the film’s context, encompasses more than just the physical boundaries of a room, any room, per se. Rather it stands for an extremely private space where every individual can be at their crudest best without the fear of being exposed. And, this is exactly what the background scores as well as the playbacks aim to highlight.

While the National Award Winner Shreya Ghoshal has lent her voice for the melodious ‘Aarekta Din’, Anupam Roy and Sayak Bandyopadhay have come together for Daanre Daanre Droom. Babul Supriyo makes a come-back with the rhythmic number Bodle Jaay. A soft-rock rendition of the popular Rabindra Sangeet Mayabana Biharini Harini by Somlata Acharya Chowdhury completes this musical potpourri. In short, it’s a complete basket of different musical genres complementing the plot in the most perfect manner. Rupam and Allan seemed to be confident about touching the right chords with their original tracks. They were particularly going gaga about the director’s sincere attempt at this extremely pertinent issue.

A Dag Creative Media production, Bedroom is a thinking-man’s movie. As such, the compositions by the music director duo have only added to the intensity of the portrayals – through both the lyrics and the vocals. While the songs have already created a stir among the fans, it’s only a matter of time before Bedroom reaches the multiplexes to woo the audience with its urban charm.

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