Best Shreya Ghoshal songs 2009………………………….

This video is for all Shreya Ghoshal fans ………All her new 2009 Hits …… Please leave your comments on the video …….Thank you very much

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25 Responses to Best Shreya Ghoshal songs 2009………………………….

  1. Sheezax1 says:

    Dil leke from ‘ Wanted’ is one of Shreya’ best songss….

  2. haad170190 says:

    @Chandnicute there is another video
    please look at it

  3. Chandnicute says:

    Amazing video. Shreya is my favourite singer, I love her voice!

  4. haad170190 says:

    @neha4evr please look my other video also on shreya ghoshal

  5. neha4evr says:

    thx. i luv shreya, her voice is just so sweet and she’s the best singer

  6. Vibha93 says:

    Can you pls name all the songs in ur description? Thanx.

  7. Vibha93 says:

    Can you pls name all the songs in ur description? Thanx

  8. haad170190 says:

    @sweetrimsha hi please look at my other video too
    best shreya ghoshal songs 2010

  9. sweetrimsha says:

    shreya is amazing

  10. hajira2050 says:

    i love all the songs of shreya ghoshal plz upload other songs and thanks for this video

  11. asadqambrani says:

    its awesome yar great keep it up

  12. haad170190 says:

    @vatsal218 thanks man

  13. vatsal218 says:

    thks for putting this video..

  14. haad170190 says:

    @adnanmasood25 thanks alot adnan

  15. adnanmasood25 says:

    very very sweeeeeeeeeeeets songzzzzzzzzz..

  16. haad170190 says:

    @thonedone thanks bro , you should also make some video brother ok

  17. thonedone says:

    keep up the work bhai

  18. omnamahshivay99 says:

    @haad170190 aww lol whaaddya mean no one looos at ur vids?? u got over 5,000 views! more than me!!! XP

  19. haad170190 says:

    @omnamahshivay99 thanks alot man you are sooo nice !!!!!! I made some other videos but nobody was loooking at them so i deleted them …..but you continue watching my videos you can give me tips lol brother haad

  20. omnamahshivay99 says:

    @haad170190 haha yea ur effortss did pay off ;D i likee the vid alott 😀

  21. haad170190 says:

    @omnamahshivay99 thanks alot my effort is paid so i am happy lol

  22. haad170190 says:

    @shrey0132 we all love shreya ghoshal songs

  23. haad170190 says:

    @ayubmakhadi thanks alot shreya ghoshal has beautiful voice

  24. haad170190 says:

    @rossahsan what do you mean shohid ahsan

  25. rossahsan says:

    Shohid Ahsan….!

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