Bhor Bhayo – Morning Walk(2009) HQ a wonderful song by Ustad Rashid Khan,Shreya Ghoshal & Joi Barua

Movie – Morning Walk, Year – 2009, Singers – Ustad Rashid Khan,Shreya Ghoshal & Joi Barua ….plz rate..!!!!

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25 Responses to Bhor Bhayo – Morning Walk(2009) HQ a wonderful song by Ustad Rashid Khan,Shreya Ghoshal & Joi Barua

  1. AVANTIKA143 says:

    wow… heart-stirring song….

  2. MrSharma144 says:


  3. ajitvajapeyam says:

    Thats wonderful singing from Rashid the generation after Bhimsen Joshi he is the best singer. i hope he sings more and more and Indians hear him more.Shreya has opportunity to sing along with the legend. she is fortunate and has done justice to the opportunity.

  4. nityanityaViveka says:

    ehhhh, good singing… dont really like the style though.Classical cant just be mish mashed with light sounds and english. i think to make a proper fusion track there is still a LOT to work to be done here.

  5. 1inmil09 says:

    female singer is my sis shriya ghoshal

  6. khush621 says:

    This is excellent song. Shreya Goshal is just Sarswati personified.

  7. jamevidh says:

    just beautiful song…

  8. japanesesen says:


  9. 6670001 says:

    its wondeful….but why the maximun part( 2nd
    vocal part) is in puriya dhanesree….why not in morning raga?

  10. souravchunder says:

    People who hav’nt heard Raashid ji earlier, this is just a very small display of the legend…

  11. rajdip75 says:

    Ofcourse what shreya said i completly agree with her. This song shoudl be heard by young generation and i m pretty sure they gonna just love it. The best fusion song i have ever heard is bhor bhayo.

  12. khanfaheem72 says:

    phenominal singin b y ustad rashid khan….but shreya too sung awesum vid a livin legend…

  13. km4km4 says:

    exccccccccccccccceelent song

  14. km4km4 says:

    exccccccccccccccccelenttt song

  15. shikhighose says:

    Rashid jee want to listen u more ,more &more—-shreya’s write choice of singing duet

  16. sourabhnayan says:


  17. skylite12 says:

    Love, love, love it! I found this song on indiamusic online (wanted to hear something different) and this is too cool.

  18. zahraaziz says:

    nice fusion ,ustaad rashid khan is undoubtly the god of indian classical music, and shreya is the sweetest singer of present

  19. sourabhnayan says:


  20. pankajved says:

    I think the western beats in this song is too loud and diminishes the caliber of singing from a singer like Rashid Khan.

  21. xxxdude123 says:

    The female singer is Shreya Ghoshal

  22. sonal79saxena says:

    can any one tell me the female singer.

  23. r8rdarklord says:

    The western instruments are too loud. Also, they should let Ustad Rashid Khan sing some more. He is an awesome singer.

  24. 9998323095 says:

    An awesome combination of indo-western music.A master piece

  25. ckbelludi says:

    Very good song.. a soulful melody!

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