Big B hunts for clock towers in cities

New Delhi:  Amitabh Bachchan has revealed his fetish for time, so much so that once the 69-year-old megastar visits a new city, his eyes scan the horizon for clock towers that in a way help him to understand the discipline of the place well.

“I look for clock towers in cities I visit and when I find them kept in working condition it reflects to me a sense of the discipline of the city that I am visiting,” Big B posted on his blog

“There are and have been towns that I have visited and discovered ornate clock towers, with the most detailed and elaborate clocks enshrined within their architecture, but never in working condition. It is an indicator to me of what to expect from that city,” he added.

He said he has a clock in every room of his house.

“The knowledge of time is essential… People snigger and ridicule me on my fetish for time and its indicators, for, I have clocks and wall timers placed in almost every room at strategic points,” he posted.

“A digital red lighted one in the bedroom, who’s radiance not only shows me the path in the dark of the night but also keeps reminding me of the number of hours I have left before I should awake and step out to work,” he wrote.

“In the dressing area, the bathroom, places of work, in the vanity van, on set of Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) in that small little area where I await the appearance of the new contestants,” he added.

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