Big B to undergo another operation

Mumbai:  Megastar Amitabh Bachchan today said
he will have to undergo a second surgery and that his stay in
the hospital will be prolonged.

Bachchan, 69, who underwent an abdominal surgery on
Saturday at the Seven Hills hospital, said on Twitter that he
was required to make another visit to the operation theatre.

“Some more tests… more unpronounceable medication…
and… another visit to the OT… operation theatre! Going to
be a long stay,” the actor tweeted, without giving details.

“I have no idea now how long this will take, but it does
look as though it will be long… thank you for your prayers
and love,” he added.

Admitted to the hospital on Saturday, Bachchan, who has
been bravely updating his fans on his medical condition,
posted a brief entry on his blog last night.

“I seek forgiveness… I will not be detailing any
more… Some fresh medical issues have come up, and I need to
concentrate on the treatment now,” he wrote.

Earlier on Wednesday, Bachchan had tweeted, “Cure can be
distasteful till it begins to work… till that happens, your
faith in it diminishes by the minute… then suddenly AIW :
All Izzz Well…!!,” he posted.

After his first surgery, the actor had tweeted he was in
acute pain.

Bachchan has been battling a string of stomach ailments
since his near fatal intestinal injury while filming a fight
scene in 1982 movie Coolie.

Recalling his days post the accident, Bachchan said to
his fans: “How times change! During 1982 Coolie episode, I
used to keep all your prayers under my pillow… now… on
Twitter and Blog…!”
“There were many hundreds that prayed then in 1982, but
were faceless and distant… now they are with face name and
‘handle’…!!,” he added.

Bachchan was gravely injured while filming a fight scene
with co-actor Puneet Issar in Coolie. He remained critically
ill in the hospital for many months. The public response was
tremendous with his fans conducting prayers at temples and
queueing up outside the hospital.

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