Bipasha won’t dance with Vivek

Mumbai:  Beedi Jalaile in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Omkara gave Bipasha Basu the much needed career boost. However, looks like Bips is in no mood to recreate the moves, especially with her Omkara co-star Vivek Oberoi.

The actress has apparently refused to do an item number with the actor in his film Zilla Gaziabad, something that has taken him by complete surprise.

Says a source, “Bipasha was approached to do an item number with Vivek and Sanjay Dutt in Zilla Ghaziabad, but she refused. Vivek was wondering what happened, but did not bother to investigate further.”

However, this decision seems to have cost her. Bips was in the running to play the lead role opposite the actor in his next.”

Adds the source, “Vivek thought, if she doesn’t even want to be seen opposite him in an item number, how is she ever going to be able to work with him on an entire film. Hence the producers felt it would be better to let her go.”

Interestingly, both Vivek and Bipasha worked together when they were newcomers, in an ad that neither wants to mention anymore. The very controversial New York Lotto TV commercial starring the two leaked online in 2010.

The ad featured Bips topless and her then spokesperson’s clarified that the old commercial was meant for the international market only.

Says the source, “Ever since that episode, they have been pretty uncomfortable with each other, and that could be why she refused to dance with him.” Bipasha Basu was unavailable for comment.

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