Bodyguard song ‘Teri Meri’ copied from 2009 Christmas number ?

Mumbai: Bollywood composers will never stop copying foreign numbers and pass them under their own name. The new one in this category is the superhit romantic number ‘Teri Meri Meri Teri’ from the 2011 blockbuster Bodyguard.

The music of the song has been copied from a Romanian Christmas song ‘La Betleem Colo n Jos’. The song is from the album Craciun Magic (Magic Christmas) of nine-year old Cleopatra Stratan. It was released in 2009. ‘La Betleem colo-n jos’ literally translates to Down There In Bethlehem and is in praise of the coming of Christ. The song also forms part of Christmas choirs.

If one looks up on video sharing website YouTube, one would find content with both songs played simultaneously to show how similar the two are. The only difference is that the tempo of ‘Teri Meri’ is faster.

The Salman Khan-Kareena Kapoor starrer Bodyguard broke all previous records at the Box Office and took home many accolades. Surprisingly there are two music directors in the movie – Pritam and Himesh Reshammiya.

While Pritam is known to have used foreign compositions for many of his so-called ‘original’ music, Himesh stands on an opposite pedestal.

However, the song ‘Teri Meri’ was composed by Himesh and sung by Pakistani sufi singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Shreya Ghoshal.

This is not the first time a Bollywood composition has emerged as a copy. For instance the very popular number ‘Pehli Nazar Mein’ from the 2008 film Race is a copy of ‘Sa Rang Haeo’, a Korean song. But this is not a new trend. In 1965 the song ‘Aao Twist Karein’ filmed on legendary actor Mehmood was a copy of 1961 Chubby Checker’s song ‘Let’s Twist Again’.

The problem is that the ‘copying’ epidemic has spread to a greater degree these days. The composers do not seem to be getting new ideas. That explains the lack of originality and a penchant for copying.

There is a solution. Every song should perhaps be scrutinized before being nominated for awards. On a less serious note, a category ‘Best Copy from a Foreign Number’ could be instituted.

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