Bollywood Aerobics At Home with Rahul Nath

  • FREE CD with every purchase (while stocks last)
  • Learn the art of Bollywood Dancing
  • Release your inner Bollywood Star
  • Combine aerobic exercise with Indias number ONE dance style
  • Lose weight in a non traditonal fun way

Product Description
Come and sweat it out with creator and dance instructor Rahul Nath as he leads you through the hottest and latest moves from Bollywood cinema, with a high cardio workout. Bollywood Aerobics TM, is a universal appeal that attracts everyone that is looking to lose weight, tone muscles and build cardio stamina

The workouts have been organized into sections that include warm up, technique explanation, workout and cooldown. Each section is explained with detail, before progressing into the corresponding part.

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Bollywood Aerobics At Home with Rahul Nath

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