Bollywood singers, all the way

Following the sweet success of Shreya Ghoshal in Mollywood, more and more North Indian signers are finding Malayalam music a healthy terrain to excel. The melody queen Shreya Ghoshal has proved to other language Singers that Malayalam is not that toughest language to crack into and has succeeded quite well in familiarising the diction problems that made her the most demanded and most revered singer in Mollywood. She had been exceptional in songs for ‘Anwar’ and ‘Pranayam’ and has already gathered many awards in State level for her singing in Malayalam.

Though Udit Narayan has been here before Shreya, the singer in just continuing his tradition of crooning a chart buster for every Dileep film. So is Sonu Nigam, who has recently started singing in Mollywood with ‘Bombay march 12’.  Sonu’s sister Teesha Nigam has also recorded a song for an upcoming project with music director Sunny Viswanath. The singers from other languages are unanimous in their opinion that Malayalam provide them with some rarer songs with rarest moods and classical touches that they don’t get often in Bollywood.

As Malayalees continue with their habit of being the first to entertain new additions, Bollywood singers will definitely have a fair go in Mollywood.

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