Bollywood surreal and genius: Lady Gaga

New Delhi:  After interviewing the who’s who of Tinseltown, the lady in white, Simi Garewal has a unique international celebrity on her show, Simi Selects India’s Most Desirable.

While some India’s most desirable singles are still in queue, Simi Garewal takes a break to meet international pop star Lady Gaga.

The format of the special show is different and in her exclusive interview, Simi presents Lady Gaga’s life story interspersed with her interview and her chartbusting music that has put her on the international map in no time.

The maverick singer, who is known for her bizarre fashion sense and outlandish hairstyle, opens up to the veteran host about her love for India besides other things.

On being asked if she aware there is massive craze about her visit to India, the singer said she is aware but is sad about the mis-reportage of her. She added money has never been her criteria. “I don’t have money – whatever I have I spend on my shows,” she added.

On her plans of coming to India, Simi says, “She was quite upset at the media reports that she will not be doing a concert in India because she wants more money. She said it was entirely untrue. She is dying to connect to India, loves Indian food and she knows she has hordes of fans in India. So she is coming to India in October, she said, not for a concert, as she has to shoot for her new video, but for a promotional tour”.

What may take Lady Gaga’s Indian fans by surprise is that she not only is aware of Indian film industry but finds Bollywood interesting and wants to know more about it too.

The singer confessed on the show that she is in awe of Bollywood.

“I love it. It’s completely surreal and genius,” she said.

Lady Gaga’s love for India is not just limited to Bollywood, as the 25-year-old singer also vows her love for Indian cuisine. “I love Indian food. I love spicy curry. I used to eat Indian food in New York,” she says.

As a special gift, Simi gifts Lady Gaga Farah Khan’s Bollywood dances DVD.

And this is what Simi had to say about it, “You know I had a feeling, with her pace of life, Gaga couldn’t have seen much of our Bollywood stuff. Who better to give an introduction to Bollywood dances songs than Farah Khan? So I asked my dear friend Farah to please make a DVD for Gaga. Farah got it done for me overnight. I specially asked her to put Chaiyya, Sheila, Munni, Dhoom Tana and Gaga was thrilled to get the DVD! “Oh my God I would love to see this!’ she said, ‘I’m going to watch this tonight!’ She gave it to her assistant, ‘Please give this to me tonight’. Again, I put all Farah’s contact details on the label. You never know when good things can happen.”

And that’s not all, Simi also gifts Lady Gaga a beautiful lehnga designed by Anamika Khanna. The lehenga is black in colour and fully encrusted in pearls, gold and silver and weighs as much as 10 kilos!

Later on in the show, Lady Gaga compliments Simi for her dress. She said: “You are not dressed regularly. You look like a fashionista in my eyes.”

Gaga, who is popular for making outrageous comments every now and then also said, “All my lashes are in the shower. Every morning I obsessively line them up.”

And while she may be the reigning pop star and have the world swooning to her numbers, but Lady Gaga claims that she is a loner at heart.

“I’m lonely and married to loneliness,” Lady Gaga said.

The singer also disclosed her greatest fear on the show.

“I am afraid of missing out on a creative idea because of lack of time.”
Gaga claims that music is her life and that “I would die without my work. I’m reborn every time with my new song and new album,” she said.

The Born This Way singer is scheduled to visit India soon but it isn’t clear if that includes a performance.

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