Bollywood to get its own Walk of Fame

Mumbai:  Bandra Bandstand, a prominent landmark of the city, frequented by tourists and locals alike, will now be turned into Bollywood’s Walk of Fame, an answer to the Hollywood’s Walk of Fame in Los Angeles.

The street also houses famous Bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, John Abraham, Shabana Azmi and Rekha among others.

Unlike Hollywood, the Indian version will not have stars but imprints of the celebrity hands in clay casts which will be processed in brass.

The idea has been conceptualised by UTV Stars and Nikhil Gandhi, the business head of the channel, says the initiative will increase the number of visitors from the country and abroad.

“We consider ourselves to be the official Bollywood channel so we wanted to do something for the the biggest
superstars who have contributed so much to the industry over the years. This is the best possible way in which we can show how much we appreciate their contribution.

“We started working on this project six months ago. We finalised Bandstand as the location because of its iconic stature, easy access and exotic ambiance,” Nikhil told PTI.

The idea comes from the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in Los Angeles. It showcases a star and the name of the Hollywood artist on the famous pavement.

Nikhil also said that permission has been received from the Bombay Municipal Corporation (BMC) and the Bandra
Residents’ Association (BRA) for the project.

“We have taken all necessary permission that is required. The residents’ associations are also with us. It will add to the beautification of the city as well. But we won’t have tickets for this. It’s open to everyone, unlike any other tourist spot,” said Nikhil.

The first phase, which will start in January next year, will have as many as 60 imprints of actors from the industry.

Asked about the budget of the film, Nikhil didn’t reveal anything and said that it will be a continuous project, so the budget cannot be ascertained.

“It is a permanent project. It will go on and on. So there is no definite budget in place right now,” he said.

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