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Thank you for taking your time out and giving importance to your readers. I appreciate it!

I researched a little about Umar Suhail Zia Butt, and i found that he has indeed great credentials. Having said that, i noticed he must have pursued his political career after 2005 and therefore was elected as MNA in 2008 G.Elections. Now, is it safe to assume that a man who has had his education in economics, finance and BA is working wonders in the defense production and tourism? Well, if you are vouching for him and as he is your MNA, i assume he must have done something to impress you. My point being, what was his administrative qualities before 2008? To support my argument, there are many members of PTI who have excellent credentials and have had administrative experience in their respective fields. So to judge their administrative credentials, one needs to test them to run the state. Yes, running the state is a different ball game altogether, but as your MNA has had none and has ‘done’ something to impress you ( if not your family member) then there is in my opinion a greater chance for PTI’s administrative success because of their experience in their respective fields. Now, i know everyone is not so sound in PTI too, but again, that makes me want to vote for them.
As to your comment about clear policies, well, that can be a bit of a debate as i know some insiders in PTI who have a long, clear and potent agenda, but they are a bit skeptical to make it public as PML-N steals every word, every action that PTI commits to. Eg, the rally, the suddenly awakened Shahbaz for the ‘Go Zardari Go’ slogan, declaring assets etc etc. I am to be honest sick of seeing them in power and ABUSING it to its fullest! As for Cabinet members, well, i agree with you there, but i think no party has ever announced its Cabinet members before elections.
Lastly, with the current administrative abilities of the current men/women in power have led this country to devastation and still Pakistan exists on the world map, i am SURE they will not be worse. Because there will be a slight difference, educated vs false degree’s and i am sure you would vouch for an educated rather than saying, well, ‘ in some cases its the ability to lead and deal politically’. Please don’t disappoint me.

Thanking you again for your reply, i hope i did not misread your comment and i hope you understand what i mean.

God bless!


Imran khan is saying crystal truth about the Zardari , he and his most of his party members are most corrupt leaders

Mavia Umer


Rana Junaid

haaan yar , is lye to budhay ko pasaya ha

Numan Raza

ni yar chand saal bad dr shahab mar jaye ga,,,or sari property reeema g ki,,,,,kaisa????

Rana Junaid

shund saal bad pta chalo k
its was the worst decision of them both , hahaha

Numan Raza

han g aise tou ni na itni der wait kia reema g nay,,,,abi BMW milli agey agey dekho hta hai kia

Shiraz Durrani

the Bmw will pass throug her khyber pass

Sehar Syed

shes gorgeous

Aysha Rana

o my goodness 😛

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