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Malgudi Days A Series of Plays filmed in India but depicts the life not different from South of Pakistan

Books on Music

 All items are hardback first editions, published in London, unless otherwise stated.

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ADAMS. JOHNSON, TIMOTHY A.    John Adams’s Nixon in China. Musical Analysis, Historical and Political Perspectives. pp.xv+278, music exx. VG, dj. Farnham, Ashgate 2011. £20.00 

AESTHETICS. FUBINI, ENRICO. The History of Musical Aesthetics. pp.xxiv+600. VG. Eng edn, Macmillan 1991. £25.00AMERICA

BARAKA, AMIRI. Digging. The Afro-American Soul of American Classical Music pp.viii+411, illus. VG, dj. California UP 2009. £12.50

HAMBERLIN, LARRY. Tin Pan Opera. Operative Novelty Songs in the Ragtime Era. pp.v+336, music exx, illus. VG, dj. Oxford UP 2011. £14.00

HERZFELD, GREGOR. Zeit als Prozess und Epiphanie in der experimentellen amerikanischen Musik. Charles Ives bis La Monte Young. pp.365, music exx. VG. Stuttgart, Steiner 2007. £9.50

LONG, MICHAEL. Beautiful Monsters. Imagining the Classic in Musical Media. pp.x+311. VG PB. Califonia UP 2008. £9.50

MELLERS, WILFRID. Music in a New Found Land. Themes and Developments in the History of American Music. pp.xxxii+544, music exx. VG, browned edges. Faber PB edn 1987. £5.00

RADANO, RONALD. Lying up a Nation. Race & Black Music. pp.xix+417. VG PB. Chicago UP 2003. £15.00

SEARS, BENJAMIN ed. The Irving Berlin Reader. pp.xii+219, illus. VG, dj. Oxford UP 2012. £13.50

[parts cover Early Years, Middle Years, Later Years, Irving Berlin in His Own Words]

SWAYNE, STEVE. Orpheus in Manhattan. William Schuman and the Shaping of America’s Musical Life. pp.xvii+692, illus. VG, dj. Oxford UP 2011. £13.50ANALYSIS

CADWALLADER, ALLEN & GAGNE, DAVID. Analysis of Tonal Music. A Schenkerian Approach. pp.xv+399, music exx. VG. 3rd edn, Oxford UP 2011. £19.50

POPLE, ANTHONY ed. Theory, Analysis and Meaning in Music. pp.xiv+226, music exx. VG. Camb UP 1994. £12.50

[essays by Cumming, Snarrenberg, Guck, Dunsby, Agawu, Pople. Ayrey, Samuels, Street, Cross, Williams]

                                               ANCIENT MUSIC

Al-Farabi’s Arabic-Latin Writings on Music. In the Ihsa’ al-’ulum (Escorial Library, Madrid, No.646), De scientiis (British Museum, Cott.MS.Vesp.B.X., and Bibl. Nat., Paris, No. 9335), and De ortu scientiarum (Bibl. Nat., Paris, no. 6298) and Bodleian Library, Oxford, No. 3623), etc. Ed/trsl Henry George Farmer. pp.viii+65. VG Hinrichsen 1965. £25.00 

BRAUN, JOACHIM. Die Musikkultur Altisraels/Palästinas. Studien zu archäologischen, schriftlichen und vergleichenden Quellen. pp.xi+388 (incl 105pp plates). VG. Universitätverlag Freiburg Schweiz / Göttingen, Vandenboeck & Ruprecht 1999. £22.50

FARMER, HENRY GEORGE. A History of Arabian Music to the XIIIth Century. pp.xv+264, illus. VG, faded spine. Luzac 1973 repr of 1929 edn. £15.00

McKINNON, JAMES ed. Antiquity and the Middle Ages. From Ancient Greece to the 15th Century. pp.x+337, illus. VG PB (faded spine). Macmillan 1990. £8.00

WELLESZ, EGON. A History of Byzantine Music and Hymnography. pp.xiv+461, music exx, illus. Oxford UP 1980 repr of 2nd edn 1961. VG, dj. £15.00______________________________

ARMENIA. NERSESSIAN, VREJ ed. Essays on Armenian Music. pp.222, music exx. VG, dj. Kahn & Averill 1978.

[essays by Poladian, Tahmizyan, Atayan, Serkoyan/Outtier] £12.50J S BACH

BOYD, MALCOLM ed. J. S. Bach [Oxford Composer Companions]. pp.xxv+626, music exx, illus. VG, dj. Oxford UP 1999. £15.00 

BUTT, JOHN. Bach. Mass in B Minor. pp.ix+116, music exx. VG PB. Cambridge UP 1991 (2003). £7.50 

DAVID, HANS T & MENDEL, ARTHUR eds. The New Bach Reader. A Life of Johann Sebastian Bach in Letters and Documents. Rev Christoph Wolff. pp.liv+553, music exx, illus. VG. Norton PB edn 1999. £9.50

MARISSEN, MICHAEL. Bach’s Oratorios. The Parallel German-English Texts with Annotations. pp.xi+185. VG, dj. Oxford UP 2008. £10.00

STAUFFER, GEORGE B. Bach, the Mass in B Minor. The Great Catholic Mass. pp.xiv+311, music exx, illus. VG PB. Yale UP 2003. £9.50

STINSON, RUSSELL. J.S. Bach’s Great Eighteen Organ Chorales pp.xiii+171, music exx/facs. VG, dj. Oxford UP 2001. £11.50

STINSON, RUSSELL ed. Bach Perspectives I. pp.xii+226, music exx. VG, dj. Nebraska UP 1995. £13.50

[essays by Schulenberg, Stinson, Marissen, Chafe, Crist, Brokaw]

WOLFF, CHRISTOPH. Johann Sebastian Bach. The Learned Musician. pp.xvii+599, illus. VG, dj. UP 2000. £17.50BAROQUE

ASHBEE, ANDREW. William Lawes 1602-1645. Essays on his Life, Times and Work. pp.xix+386, music exx. VG exc top cover corners bumped, dj. [Aldershot, Ashgate 1998. £15.00

[by Ashbee, Wood, Milton, Pinto, Wainwright, Thompson, Ring, Robinson, Field, Davenport, Otterstedt, Traficante]

BUTT, JOHN. Music Education and the Art of Performance in the German Baroque. pp.xix+237. VG, dj. Cambridge UP 1994. £17.50

DENT, E J. Alessandro Scarlatti. His Life and Work. pp.xi+236, music exx. VG exc dirty edges, faded spine. Edward Arnold 1905. [with photocopy of additional notes from 1960 impression] £12.50

DONINGTON, ROBERT. Baroque Music: Style and Performance. A Handbook. pp.ix+206, music exx. VG PB. Faber 1982 (1985). £9.50

—— A Performer’s Guide to Baroque Music. pp.320, music exx. VG, dj. Faber 1973. £7.502nd copy Corrected repr, Faber 1975. VG, dj. £9.50

—— String Playing in Baroque Music. pp.126, music exx. VG, dj. Faber 1977. £12.50

GLOVER, JANE. Cavalli. pp.191, music exx. VG, dj (faded spine) Batsford 1978. £8.00

HÖFLER, JANEZ. Slovenska cerkvena perem v 18. stoletju. pp.145, music exx. VG PB. Ljubljana, Slovenska Akademija 1975. £5.00

KLEMENIC, IVAN ed. Glasbeni Barok na Slovenskem in Europska glasba. [from Ljublana symposium 1994, with summaries in English or German] pp.223, music exx, illus. VG PB. Ljubljana, ZRC SZU, Muzikolski institut 1997. £7.50

[essays by Bernik, Bergamo, Klemencic, Faganel, Prelovsek, Bujic, Kokole, Sinigoj, Flotzinger, Sehnal, Kos, Tuksar, Sivec, Bedina, Skulj]

MURCIA, SANTIAGO DE. “Códice Saldívar No.4”. A Treasury of Secular Guitar Music from Baroque Mexico. Ed Craig H Russell. 2 volumes: Vol I Commentary, pp.xviii+296, music exx; Vol 2 Facsimile and Transcription, pp.xxi+102 music facs+194 transcr. VG. Illinois UP 1995. £55.00

PRICE, CURTIS ed. The Early Baroque Era, from the Late 16th Century to the 1660s. pp.xiii+399, illus. VG PB. Prentice Hall 1994. £15.00

SADIE, JULIE ed. Companion to Baroque Music. pp.xviii+549, music exx, illus. VG, dj. Dent 1990. £14.00

SPINK, IAN. Restoration Cathedral Music 1660-1714. pp.xvi+487, music exx. VG, dj. Oxford UP 1995. £30.00

WAINWRIGHT, JONATHAN P. Musical Patronage in Seventeenth-Century England. Christopher, First Baron Hatton (1605-1670). pp.xix+470. VG, dj. Aldershot, Scolar 1997. £17.50

WHENHAM, JOHN. Duet and Dialogue in the Age of Monteverdi. 2 volumes: pp.xii+287, music exx; pp.vii+469 incl 265 music. Ann Arbor MI, UMI 1982. 2-volume set £75.00BARTÓK

ANTOKOLETZ, ELLIOTT. The Music of Béla Bartók. A Study of Tonality and Progression in Twentieth-Century Music. pp.xviii+342, music exx. VG PB. California UP 1984. £9.50

BROWN, JULIE. Bartók and the Grotesque. Studies in Modernity, the Body and Contradiction in Music. pp.x+182, music exx. VG. Ashgate / Royal Musical Association 2007. £16.00

CROW, TODD ed. Bartók Studies. pp.299, illus. VG. Detroit, Information Coordinators 1976. £9.50

[essays by Szabolcsi, Lendvai, Kecskeméti, Bónis, Kárpáti, Baláazs, Lengyel, Bartók, Liebner, Ruffy, Bartók Jr, Hernádi, Abraham, Szinai, Hatvany, Réz, Vámos, Vitányi, Láng, Nagy, Lukács, Illyés, Demény]

LENOIR, YVES. Folklore et transcendance dans l’oeuvre Américaine de Béla Bartók (1940-1945). Contributions à l’étude de l’activité scientifique et créatrice du compositeur. pp.507, music exx, illus. VG PB. Louvain-La-Neuve, Institut Supérieur d’Archéologie et d’Histoire de l’Art 1986. £12.50_________________________________

BEETHOVEN. Violin Sonata in G Major op. 3, no. 3 [BL Add. MS 37767]. Introd Alan Tyson. pp.viii + [40] facs. VG. British Library 1980. £22.50

_____COOK, NICHOLAS. Beethoven: Symphony No. 9. pp.x+133, music exx. VG PB. Cambridge UP 1993. £7.50 

BERLIOZ. KELLY, BARBARA L & MURPHY, KERRY eds. Berlioz and Debussy: Sources, Contexts and Legacies. Essays in Honour of François Lesure. pp.xxv+209, music exx, illus. VG, dj. Aldershot, Ashgate 2007. £24.00

[essays by Charlton, Perl, Rushton, Macdonald, Murphy, Langham Smith, Strasser, Rolf, Pasler, Kelly]

_____ BLOOM, PETER ed. Berlioz Studies. pp.xix+279, music exx. Cambridge UP 1992. VG, dj.£11.50

[essays by Cairns, Macdonald, Kemp, Bloom, Rushton, Levy, Reeve, Faquet, Barzun]

HOPKINSON, CECIL. A Bibliography of the Musical and Literary Works of Hector Berlioz 1803-1869 with Histories of the French Music Publishers Concerned. Ed Richard Macnutt. pp.xix + 230 + 19 plates. VG. Tunbridge Wells, Macnutt 1980. £9.50

BIRTWISTLE. CROSS, JONATHAN. Harris Birtwistle. The Mask of Orpheus. pp.xx+173, music exx. VG, dj. Farnham, Ashgate 2009. £15.00

BOULEZ. Pierre Boulez. Conversations with Célestin Deliège. pp.123. VG browned PB. Eng edn, Eulenburg 1976. £8.00

_____ MUSGRAVE, MICHAEL ed. Brahms 2. Biographical, Documentary and Analytical Studies. pp.x+252, music exx. Cambridge UP 1987. VG, dj. £11.50

[essays by Musgrave, Kross, Biba, Fellinger, Bozarth, Hancock, Pascall, Whittall, Forte, Wintle, Litterick]BRITISH MUSIC

BENNETT, MOIRA. Making Musicians. A Personal History of the Britten-Pears School. pp.232, illus. VG PB. Orford, Bittern Press 2012. £12.50

BLEZZARD, JUDITH. Borrowings in English Church Music 1550-1950. pp.224, music exx. VG, exc top cover corners bumped, dj. Stainer & Bell 1990. £9.50

BULL, JOHN. Keyboard Music I. Ed John Steele & Francis Cameron, rev Thurston Dart. pp.xxix + 157 music + 13. VG PB. Stainer & Bell [MB XIV] 1960. £13.50

COX, GORDON. The Musical Salvationist. The World of Richard Slater (1854-1939). pp.xii+225, illus. VG, dj. Woodbridge, Boydell 2011. £20.00

CREWDSON, H A F. A Short History of the Worshipful Company of Musicians. pp.185, illus. VG, dj. New/2nd edn, Charles Knight 1971. £8.00

DAVIS, BERTRAM H. A Proof of Eminence. The Life and of Sir John Hawkins. pp.xii+436, illus. VG, dj. Indiana UP 1973. £10.00

DICKINSON, PETER. The Music of Lennox Berkeley. pp.240, music exx, illus. VG, dj. Thames 1988. £12.50

DOE, PAUL Tallis. [Oxford Studies of Composers] pp.71, music exx. VG, fair dj. Oxford UP 1968. £2.00

FELLOWES, EDMUND H. Organists and Masters of the Choristers of St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. pp.xv+104, illus. VG, edges foxed, faded spine. SPCK for the Dean & Canons of St. George’s Chapel [1939]. £10.00

GRIFFITHS, PAUL. Peter Maxwell Davies. pp.196, music exx, illus. VG PB. Robson 1982. £4.00

HAND, COLIN. John Taverner. His Life and Music. pp.128, music exx. VG, dj. Eulenburg 1978. £10.00

JEFFERY, BRIAN. Antony Holborne. pp.129-205, music exx. Musica Disciplina XXII offprint 1968. £3.00

KEMP, IAN. Tippett. The Composer and his Music. pp.xiii+516, music exx. VG PB. Oxford UP PB repr 1987 of 1984 edn. £9.50

KENNEY, SYLVIA W. Walter Frye and the Contenance Angloise pp.xxv+227, music exx, illus. VG. Yale UP 1964. £10.00

LAFONTAINE, HENRY CART DE ed. The King’s Musick. A Transcript of Records Relating to Music and Musicians (1460-1700). pp.xi+522. VG small newspaper cuttings on feps, cover marked. Novello [1909]. £17.50

LEPPERT, RICHARD. Music and Image. Domesticity, Ideology and Socio-Cultural Formation in Eighteenth-Century England. pp.xvi+248, illus. VG. Cambridge UP PB edn 1993. £9.50

RIMBAULT, EDWARD F ed. The Old Cheque-Book or Book of Remembrance of The Chapel Royal from 1561 to 1744. pp.xi+250. VG, dj. Da Capo repr 1966 of 1872 edn. £9.50

SPINK, IAN. English Song Dowland to Purcell. pp.312, music exx. VG exc spine cracked. Batford PB repr 1986 of 1974 edn. £7.50

WALLS, PETER. Music in the English Courtly Masque, 1604-1640. pp.xix+372, music exx. VG, dj. OUP 1996. £19.50

WALTON, SUSANA. William Walton. Behind the Façade. pp.xi+255, illus. VG, bookplate, dj. Oxford UP 1988. £7.50 

WOODLEY, RONALD. John Tucke. A Case Study in Early Tudor Music Theory. pp.xiii+164, music exx, illus. VG, dj (faded spine). Oxford UP 1993. £12.50____________________________

BRITTEN. MITCHELL, DONALD. Benjamin Britten. Death in Venice. pp.xviii+229, music exx, illus. VG PB. Cambridge UP 1987. £15.00

BRUCKNER. Anton Bruckner. Gesammelte Briefe. Neue Folge. Ed Max Auer pp.408, illus. Library bound photocopy. Regensburg, Bosse 1924. £8.00

BYRD. TURBET, RICHARD. William Byrd. A Guide to Research. pp.xix+342, illus. VG. Garland 1987. £12.50

CARTER. SCHIFF, DAVID. The Music of Elliott Carter. pp.xii+372, music exx. VG, dj. New edn, Faber 1998. £14.00CATALOGUES

Catalogue d’une très belle Bibliotheque de livres, d’une partie très considerable de livres de musique…Nicolas Selhof. Intro A Hyatt King. pp.xii+260. VG PB. Buren, Frits Knuf 1973 repr of 1759 edn. £7.50

Musique pour flûte. Catalogue thématique. pp.504, music. VG. Paris, Leduc 1991. £11.50

HUGHES, DOM ANSELM. Catalogue of the Musical Manuscripts at Peterhouse, Cambridge. pp.xvii+76, music exx. VG, fair dj. Cambridge UP 1953. £10.00

HUGHES-HUGHES, AUGUSTUS. Catalogue of Manuscript Music in the British Museum. Vol I Sacred Vocal Music: pp.xxvi+615. Vol II Secular Vocal Music: pp.xxv+961. Vol III Instrumental Music, Treatises, etc.: pp.xxiii+543. VG exc some pencilling c.30pp vol I. British Museum 1906 (1964 repr), 1908, 1909. 3 volumes £85.00

SEARLE, ARTHUR. Catalogue of the Music Manuscripts. The British Library Stefan Zweig Collection. pp.xlii + 158 + cxxxix plates + 11. VG. British Library 1999. £24.00

TOULIATOS-MILES, DIANE H. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Musical Manuscript Collection of the National Library of Greece. Byzantine Chant and Other Music Repertory Recovered. pp.xi+632. VG. Aldershot, Ashgate 2010. £37.50

WILLETTS, PAMELA J. Handlist of Music Manuscripts Acquired 1908-67. pp.112. VG, partly faded dj. British Museum 1970. £7.50____________________

CHARPENTIER. NICCOLAI, MICHELA. La dramaturgie de Gustave Charpentier. pp.xxxiii+540, illus. VG, dj. Turnhout, Brepols 2011. £35.00

CHOPIN. WILLIS, PETER. Chopin in Manchester. pp.48, colour/b&w illus.VG. Newcastle upon Tyne, Elysium 2011. £15.00CHURCH MUSIC

Beneventanum Troporum Corpus II. Ordinary Chants and Tropes for the Mass from Southern Italy, A.D. 1000-1250. Part 3. Ed John Boe. 2 volumes: Preface Chants and Sanctus. Introductory Essays, Preface, Chants, Commentary, pp.lxxxix+ 130, music exx; Main Text, Sanctus Chants Having Tropes or Pros(ul)as in South Italian Sources, pp.iv + 133 music + 2. VG PB, faded spines. Madison WI, A-R 1996. £22.50

Early Medieval Chants from Nonantola. Part I Ordinary Chants and Tropes. Ed James Borders. pp.lxxxv + 84 music + 3. VG PB, faded spine. Madison WI, A-R 1996. £15.00

Early Medieval Chants from Nonantola. Part II Proper Chants and Tropes. Ed James Borders. pp.lxxxiii + 75 music + 6. VG PB, faded spine. Madison WI, A-R 1996. £15.00

Early Medieval Chants from Nonantola. Part III Processional Chants. Ed James Borders. pp.lxxv + 147 music + 4. VG PB, faded spine. Madison WI, A-R 1996. £19.50 

Early Medieval Chants from Nonantola. Part IV Sequences. Ed Lance W Brenner. pp.lxxii + 78 music + 1. VG PB. Madison WI, A-R 1999. £15.00

Graduale sacrosanctae romanae ecclesiae de tempore et de sanctis, SS. D. N. X. Pontificis Maximi iussu resititutum et editum ad exemplar editionis typicae concinnatum et rhythmicis signis a solesmensibus monachis diligenter ornatum. pp.xxvii + [music]: Proprium pp.658 + Commune sanctorum pp.149 + Ordinarium missae pp.158 + Proprium sanctorum pp.182 mainly music. VG. Paris, Tournai, Rome Desclée 1961. £19.50

JULIAN, JOHN ed. A Dictionary of Hymnology, Setting Forth the Origin and History of Christian Hymns of all Ages and Nations…. pp.xii+1616. VG contents, browned edges, sound cover, rubbed edges. Murray 1892. £30.00

MEYER-BAER, KATHI. Liturgical Music Incunablula. pp.xliii+63+7plates. VG. Bibliographical Society 1962. £15.00

REARDON, COLLEEN. Holy Concord within Sacred Walls. Nuns and Music in Siena, 1575-1700. pp.xiii+289, music exx. VG, dj. Oxford UP 2002. £17.50__________________________

CIMELLO, GIOVANTHOMASO. The Collected Secular Works. Canzone villanesche al modo napolitano (1545). Ed Donna G Cardamone. Libro primo de canti a quatro voci (1548). Ed James Haar pp.xxv + 156 music + 2 +13. VG PB. Madison WI, A-R 2001. £15.00

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_____ TYRRELL, JOHN & WISE, ROSEMARY. A Guide to International Congress Reports in Musicology 1900-1975. pp.xiii+353. VG, dj. Garland 1979. £15.00CULTURAL STUDIES

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[essays by Davidson, Rosenthal, Zeitlin, Feldman, De Rycke, Flosi, Davies, Srinivasan, Gordon, Quaintance, Faraone, Downer, Matsuga, Screech, Ruggiero, Pilzer, Qureshi, Maciszewski]

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[essays by E & F Pesovár, Maácz, Dienes, Merényi, Kaposi]

LE ROUSSAU, F. A Collection of New Ball- and Stage Dances, 1720. Facsimile with introductory notes by Jennifer Thorp. pp.135 (incl 105pp facsimile). NEW PB. Lulu 2008. £19.00EIGHTEENTH CENTURY

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[essays by Alvarez, Hutchinson, Edberg, Henriques, Limón, Simonett, Titus, Madrid, Ramos-Kitterell, Dorsey/Díaz-Barriga, Kun, Corona, Romero, Gorman, Ragland, Rivera-Servera]

REILY, SUZEL ANA ed. Brazilian Musics, Brazilian Identities (British Journal of Ethnomusicology 9/1). articles: TUPINAMBA DE ULHOA Música romântica in Montes Claros, Inter-Gender Relation in Brazilian Popular Song. TRAVASSOS Ethics in sung Duels of NE Brazil, Collective Memory & Contemporary Practice. LUCAS Gaucho Musical Regionalism. HOSOKAWA Singing Contests in the Ethnic Enclosure of the Postwar Japanese-Brazilian Community. COSTA LIMA NETO Experimental Music of Hermeto Paschoal e Grupo (1981-93), Musical System in the Making. pp. v+167, mus exx. VG PB. British Forum for Ethnomusicology 2000. £9.50Asia

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