Chikni Chameli music composers open up

Ajay-Atul duo.

Ask Atul Gogavale how he feels about Chikni Chameli creating waves in the industry even before its official release, and the composer will tell you he’s not surprised.

Having taken over the Marathi film industry by storm with Kombi Palali, the original track that Chikni Chameli is inspired from, Atul and his brother Ajay are a confident team.

“We were sure that the song would do well because it had proven itself in the Marathi sphere. To top it, when we were told that Katrina would feature in it, we knew it would be a success,” says Atul.

When asked why Shreya Ghoshal was chosen over Vaishali Samant, the original singer, he says, “We have worked with Shreya on previous occasions and were confident that her voice would suit the song. Besides it was a production call too.”

Ajay-Atul, as the duo like to call themselves, have also composed super hit Marathi tracks like Jau Dyana Ghari and Apsara Aali.

So what made them choose the Chikni Chameli song? “We didn’t really choose the song. It was the other way round. Karan Johar and Karan Malhotra approached us saying they wanted this song to feature in the film. As a composer, the last thing you want to do is copy and paste music, but when we heard the script, we knew it would fit in.”

Ajay-Atul, whose Marathi composition in Singham caught everybody’s attention, claim that it’s simply a coincidence that both films demanded a Marathi feel.

Talking about their dream projects, Atul adds, “Our dream to work with Amitabhji came true when we worked on Viruddh. As of now, we hope to work with the London Symphony Orchestra,” he signs off.

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