Crew ensures Salman, SRK don’t cross paths

Mumbai:  Looks like no one wants to take a chance with good friends-turned-arch rivals Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.

The two stars were shooting simultaneously at a studio and the respective crew and the stars’ staff members were understandably worried, fearing the worst if they came face to face.

So as the stars shot at Mehboob Studios on Thursday evening, the onus was on the crew members to make sure that they didn’t set eyes on each other.

According to sources, on Thursday, SRK was at the studio to shoot for a commercial with wife Gauri. Incidentally, the actor was to shoot the ad earlier, but due to his schedule, the date was altered.

“It was only when the production team of Sunhil Sippy, who directed the ad, reached the sets, did they learn that Salman was to shoot in the same premises later that evening,” reveals our source, adding that from then on, it was up to them to ensure that the two don’t cross paths.

The crew of Salman’s shoot too, was being extra cautious. “Sallu didn’t know SRK was also shooting at another floor in the studio,” said our source.

Another difficult part was to ensure that the two actors didn’t run into each other after their respective wrap-ups.

Apparently, a couple of guys from the two crews were given the task of finding out when the other was scheduled to leave.

“At midnight, when Shah Rukh was leaving, a unit guy from his shoot double checked Salman’s status,” said our source, adding that the Dabangg star finished an hour later.

Last August, the two actors were in the same studio. While SRK was shooting for a clothing brand he endorses, Salman was giving interviews for Dabangg. That time too, their respective staff ensured that they don’t come face to face.

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