Dev Anand’s passion of film making keeps him going

Dev Anand is going strong with his passion of film making even at this juncture of his life. With his film” Hum Dono” being premiered with colored version the evergreen personality talks to the media in a jubilant note.

Dev Anand is one man who believes in going on and on but with the contemporary scripts which can be identified by the newer generation.” Yes! I am planning to make “Hare Rama Hare Krishna but I do not believe in remakes nor do I believe in making sequels. This time when I make HRHK it will be having a contemporary subject which the younger generation too would be able to identify. No one would like to watch a film that was made in the seventies. Changes with the present scenario are a must.”

Not wanting to divulge further information he states,” Whether it will be a thriller or any other genre will be a matter of wait and watch for you guys.”

Well! Talking about the present state of Cinema he says,” I am not unsatisfied with it. But the fact is that today’s cinema does not sustain longer. Today’s cinema is becoming beyond sensibility Cinema has changed and so have the thought process of the audiences. Unless they like the film it does not make an impression on their minds. May be to me a particular film would be alluring enough but to others the same film may not be satisfactory.”

In addition to awards he adds,” Getting awards is not a certificate to a good film. A film may have been liked by the one who is judging the awards but it may not be liked by the others. In short it is a conspicuous thing while some may like it and the others may write it off.” He adds.

Fine in today’s publicity struck world would he like to attend TV shows in order to promote he films?” I will never like to beg people to go and see my film. It is merely wastage of energy. I would like to stay out of television publicity. Unless something I feel is worthwhile. I make films and if they like it they will go to watch my films. I will never like to go along with my family nanny etc to promote my films on the sets of television shows. I do not favor such publicity. I feel this kind of publicity is cheap and immature publicity.”

But of late all your films have failed at the box office windows. So what precautions have you taken this time?” Charge sheet is all set to release. I have tried to improve on my flaws. May be I need to do a huge publicity campaign which may have brought failures to my recent earlier films.” According there is no genre as “thriller.” Yes! Any film which is good will surely thrill you. Films need to be made to thrill the audiences. Entertainment for relaxation of mind that thrills you will obviously be a good film.” He concludes.

-Lipika Varma

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