Dev Anand’s son Suniel Anand presser

London:  Dev Anand’s son, Suniel Anand spoke about his father saying that, “I’d like to thank the people of India and people the world over for their outpouring of sympathy towards my father and towards me and my family. I’m appreciative of that at this time of extreme sadness and this time of loss for all of us. Thank you very much and God bless you all. Thank you. I loved my father very much. I was very close to him and I miss him but I know he’s there (points up) smiling, looking down at me. God bless him and God bless you all. Thank you.”

“He used to tell me he was a forward looking man – he never looked back, so I think the world should keep that in mind and remember that as much as possible and I think the world should remember him as somebody who’s accomplished a lot and whose body of work is enormous; absolutely enormous. Somebody was telling me that they read somewhere on the net that he was Bollywood and I agree with that person.”

“Everything is set. We’ve decided to have a cremation here in London and I think he would have liked it this way and then we’ll eventually have the last rights in India. As soon as the cremation is over and as soon as the ashes are handed over to me I will be flying to India for the last rights.”

“He was working ardently on his next project and we’d discuss a lot of things and he wanted me to leave him alone a little bit, which I did because he was so involved in that script, but then he’d give me advice and he was giving me a lot of advice in the last few days about things, about life, about all kinds of things. But he was happy; generally very happy. He was happy to be in London. He wanted a break. He wanted a holiday and we were planning to see a bit of the U.K., to tour around, because his next film was going to be shot partly here, partly in Europe and partly in Nepal and India, so we were just going to move and scout locations for that movie and it’s unfortunate.”

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