Dev is my soulmate: Jeet Gannguli

Dev and yours is a hit combination…
We are like brothers. He calls me Dada and I, in turn, address him as Bhai. We have a lot in common. In fact, Dev is my soulmate. Somewhere, there’s a connection. It’s like the hit pairing of Rajesh Khanna-Kishore Kumar. We bond beyond music as well. There were a lot of pranks on the sets. Dev called me up from South Africa to say I have tarnished his reputation in the industry. I was a li’l taken aback at first but then I realized that he was referring to the title track, lyrics of which went like “Sunday dilam Sheila ke, Monday dilam Mona ke”. Subhashree too at one point called up to say how Dev was trying to live up to his Romeo image by flirting with all the women on the sets. While on the same number, Dev once asked who I was dating to have come up with a song like that. I said it was Shrikantda (Mohta) and no one else!

What are your thoughts on “Romeo”?
It’s an out-and-out commercial venture. I would call it a total paisa vasool. There’s dollops of action, romance and music. The packaging is great.

The title track, it’s heard, was conceived at the airport…
Dev and I bumped into each other at the Mumbai airport. It was a chance meeting. I had conceived the song and thought of singing it to Dev. Once on board, I did exactly that. If a song is peppy, it gets Dev into the groove from the start. His expressions are feedback enough. So, when I began crooning the number, Dev started emoting, much to the surprise of the passengers. They were like, ‘Who are these madcaps?’.

So, isn’t it always special composing for Dev?
I have given hits like “Oh, my love” (“Amanush”) to Soham and “Khujechhi toke raat berate” (“Josh”) to Jeet, among many others. Melody has to have a soul connect. You never know when it comes out. It’s not important who I am composing for. Likewise, it’s Dev’s job to put in his 100 per cent when he’s dancing to a track. He’ll not dance with more vigour just because it’s a song composed by me. The directors too have a say in the kind of music they want. Raj (Chakrabarty) has his own take, while Rajib might want it to be done differently. My primary job is to please my directors. This is my fourth film with Sujit Mondal after “Saat Paake Bandha”, “Bolo Na Tumi Amar” and “Se Din Dekha Hoye Chhilo”. It’s mindblowing the way he picturizes a song. Once I’m through with a number, my job is done. It’s like sending my daughter to her sasural. But the director does his best to fit my song in and gives it the best of care.

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