Dia’s Zeal for Love break ups Zindagi come share one n all

Born Free Entertainment Pvt Ltd being jointly launched by Dia Mirza, Sahil Sangha and Zayed Khan saw the dawn of the day recently., For very long now Dia Mirza’s films were not doing well at the box office windows. So from acting to producer, then why is she planning to get into a much more risky zone-Production?”

I had an earnest desire to make entertaining, honest cinema. Films give me abundant joy. Belonging to the field of Cinema I felt it as my duty to come up with good entertaining yet worth watching films. Although, I am turning as a producer but I will continue acting too.”Love Break ups Zindagi is the title of comedy film launched today. What the film is like and the story etc you guys need to wait and watch.”, Further refusing to accept that her films did not do well she says,” I feel whatever films I have done till date have been appreciated by my fans. Their appreciation brings contentment onto me.” She answers simply., The title “LBZ” have you experienced any such thing in your life and will you incorporate your real life experiences?” Laughs! But sincerely adds,” Who does not experience love ….. I have had my share. But In this wonderful life I have learnt to move ahead by not caring for the negative aspect of life. Be positive and go ahead in life and this mantra surely brings happiness in your life. Life must go on.” She concludes.

-Lipika Varma

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