Dilip Kumar joins Twitter

New Delhi:  Legendary actor Dilip Kumar has joined Twitter. @thedilipkumar was introduced on Twitter by avid social networker, Amitabh Bachchan.

“Please welcome the Master, the Thespian, the Ultimate .. Dilip Kumar, Dilip Saheb, Yusuf Khan on twitter ..ID: @thedilipkumar,” Amitabh Bachchan posted a short while ago.

Dilip Kumar’s Twitter profile describes him as “actor, friend, philosopher.”

Giving a glimpse of his joie de vivre on Twitter, Dilip Kumar posted: “It is a true blessing to be so loved and a wonderful feeling to wake up and realise one is younger than was yesterday.”

The thespian actor who celebrated his 89th birthday yesterday, tweeted, “Spent hours on this screen yesterday, read your greetings, your blessings and your prayers. God bless all of you.”

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