Don’t add Babbar to my name: Prateik

Mumbai:  It’s a known fact that Prateik son of the late Smita Patil and Raj Babbar has dropped his surname, much to the dismay of his dad.

But that he won’t tolerate being addressed as Babbar even by mistake came to light at a recent promotional event for his next, My Friend Pinto.

An eyewitness says, “The event was held at KC College. Both Prateik and Kalki were present.

When the anchor announced Prateik’s name along with his surname Babbar and invited him to come on the stage, the actor, who was sitting in the audience, didn’t react at all.

For a while, it became very awkward until someone from backstage came and asked the anchor to address him only as Prateik.”

Prateik has never been close to Raj Babbar. The father and son have stayed separately and maintained a distance.

When he dropped his surname a while ago, it was reported that he wanted to create his own individuality in the industry. His attitude, however, seems to suggest a deeper, more personal reason.

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