Everyone wants to be in Sonu Nigam’s team: Amit Jadhav

Amit claims that he is a solid dancer other than being a good singer and that essentially is his X Factor. “That’s the reason I believed X Factor is the correct show for me because it gave me a chance to show my full talent. When you sing and dance simultaneously, it is very important to have a control on your breathing”. But this multi-talent, in a way, acted against him. “The judges always expected me to dance in my performance. When I didn’t dance in a song like zara si dil mein de jagah tu , they felt I didn’t give my best. I don’t think it’s necessary to dance in every performance. In that case, why do the judges have good things to say about contestants who never dance and simply sing standing at one place?”, grumbles Amit.

Talking about the show X Factor, Amit says, “I felt X Factor was different from all other reality shows because it focused on the entire performance and not merely singing. It started off with that idea but, somewhere in between, the focus shifted merely towards normal singing and it was never about the complete presentation. By the time it came back on track, it was too late for me”.

While he has no complains being a part of Shreya Ghoshal’s team, he adds in the same breath, “Not just me, if you ask anyone, they would all want Sonu Nigam as their mentor because he is the God of Music. Why just contestants, even Shreya Ghoshal says Sonu Nigam was her mentor.”

Ask him who’s the best performer on X Factor presently and he says, “Everyone thinks its Seema Jha but I think Deewana Group has it in them to win the title. No doubt Seema is a very good singer but Deewana Group performs as efficiently as they sing. And X Factor is not merely about singing but the complete performance”.

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