‘Gaganave baagi,bhuviyanu…’ rocks

One expected Sanju Weds Geetha to succeed, but it has beaten expectations and is a super success! It is the romance and love that has won over the audience. The songs and tunes are excellent. The most outstanding song is ‘Gaganave Baagi… bhuviyanu’ sung by Shreya Ghoshal. The song starts with a lovely alaap, then the beats and instruments are so rare and beautiful. Sathya Hedge has perfectly matched the melodies with the images and backgrounds with cute Ramya to add to the flavour. The tune itself runs for about a minute. The interlude is also composed beautifully by Jaasie Gift supported by santoor. The antaras are beautiful and pure.

The lyrics are so lovely, they kindle ones imagination and one is transported into the world of romance. Gaganave baagi, bhuviyanu kelida haage Kadalu Karendante, Nadiyanu bhetige, Yaaru bandirada manasali, Ninna aagamana ee dina, Needuva munna naane aamanthrana are such lovely lines, meaning The sky has bent down to speak with earth and the sea has invited the river for a meeting, your entry into my heart which no one had ever entered before I gave you an invitation.

This song comes at a lovely and apt spot in the film. It is in Virajapet when the protagonist is in front of a petty shop. Geetha (Ramya) comes to the shop asking for half litre milk and a loaf of bread. That is when Cupids arrow strikes Sanju. Sanju (Sreenagara Kitty) tells his friend Sharan, It is so good to fall in love. Sanju says, “Prapanchanda Ella Sukha Avalue Anubavisabeku (There is nothing better in this world than possessing her). When his love is finally accepted by Geetha, the song ‘Gaganave Baagi’ is played. It will make even people who have not fallen in love to fall in love. The performances by all is high class. If you missed watching this super romantic film, please go and watch it.

Camera person Sathya Hedge is very promising and every scene in this film is worth watching. He is sure to garner awards for this film. Jaasie Gift is a gifted music director with fantastic melodies. Three songs in the film are super. Kaviraj and Dr. Nagendra Prasad have written some of the dream lyrics suiting the situations and subject.

Though the tale is tragic, there is lovely Ramya, rain, mist and sunshine.

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