Go ‘talli’, go ‘tunn’ on Bollywood tunes

Bollywood tunes have for ever set the party mood — but it’s the latest drunken numbers like “Talli hai ye zameen” and “Tunn ho gayi” that are becoming a rage among youngsters who like to party hard.

IANS takes a look at some of the new and old numbers that have prompted party goers to put on their dancing shoes and step on the dance floor:

“Talli hai ye zameen” (“Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu”) – This youthful and peppy number, picturised with a montage of Kareena Kapoor and Imran Khan’s drinking escapades in glitzy Las Vegas, is crooned by Benny Dayal, Anushka Manchanda and Shefali Alvares. With some techno sounds, the number is catchy and makes one want to jump in the air after a shot or two!

“Ho gayi tunn” (“Players”) – “Padh gayi main poori sunn, ho gayi tunn, pee gayi neat main” — with such lyrics, the song, in the voice of Yashita Yashpal, is a definite feature in the playlist of those who like to groove with a bit of a high. Bipasha Basu’s steamy dance only adds to the edginess of this sizzler.

“Chikni chameli” (“Agneepath”) – How can you miss the “Paua chadaake aayi” line in this hot number from Karan Johar’s remake of 1990 film “Agneepath”. The fast-paced rhythm coupled with cheesy lyrics, this Katrina Kaif number, an unusual offering from Shreya Ghoshal, is a sureshot winner for desi item song lovers in pubs and discotheques.

“Humka peeni hai” (“Dabangg”) – Again a truly desi number, this one’s for those who don’t mind dancing with the bottle on top of their head, after getting sloshed! Salman Khan’s unique steps, coupled with vocals by Wajid, Master Saleem and Shabaab Sabri, this dance number is truly for the masses.

“Chaar baj gaye” (“F.A.L.T.U”) – The youngsters’ party never gets over before the wee hours. So this number — “Chaar baj gaye, lekin party abhi baaki hai”, is dedicated to that lot! Even if the party is about to get over, this song often sets the mood back again.

“Main talli ho gayi” (“Ugly Aur Pagli”) – Just like Mallika Sherawat gulps down shot after shot in this upbeat song, that’s the effect this Hard Kaur song has upon most party regulars. For many youngsters, this Punjabi beat-based song is good after one “Patiala peg”!

“Talli hua” (“Singh Is Kinng”) – What happens when you go ‘talli’? That’s just what this song tells through its funky lyrics. The beats are peppy and catchy, and definitely want to make you tap a foot or two.

“Chhalak chhalak” (“Devdas”) – Shah Rukh Khan and Jackie Shroff brought the eternal ‘cheers’ alive in this song, as the two drunk, on-screen friends danced with the lyrics “Sheeshe se sheesha takraaye…”, in the backdrop. A simple yet fun song, this one’s not so much of a pub number, but still great to dance on!

“Zara sa jhoom lun main” (“Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge”) – Who can forget Kajol’s drunken act in this classic, shot in the landscapes of Switzerland? For young ladies, high on alcohol, this song turned out to be a delight when it was first heard way back in 1995.

“Thodisi jo pee lee hai” (“Namak Halaal”) — Not a dance number for sure, but this song is a must have on the playlist of those who like to lounge after a drink or two! Kishore Kumar’s yodelling, hiccups, and Amitabh Bachchan’s unbeatable drunken act makes this one a cracker of a song!

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