Gumshuda Music Launch

The music of upcoming film Gumshuda was released amidst much fanfare in Renaissance Club on 5th Aug 2010. The event was graced by many Bollywood celebrities that included Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal, apart from the cast and crew of Gumshuda. 

Renowned percussionist Bikram Ghosh has created mellifluous and soothing music for this film. The music is unique and aesthetically different. The film is directed by Ashoke Viswanathan and stars Rajat Kapoor, Victor Banerjee, Priyanshu Chatterjee and Simone Singh in the lead roles. Raj Zutshi, N. Vishwanathan, and several others feature in supporting roles. N. Vishwanathan has penned the story for the film.

Gumshuda – The Diamond Murders, is a suspense mystery. Director Ashoke Vishwanathan has borrowed nuances from Sherlock Holmes for his film, which one can easily identify. The story is about Anisha, an attractive young lady in her thirties, who is astounded to find that someone is sending her a series of diamonds by courier. Her father, Captain Mehta, had disappeared some years back and the letter accompanying the diamonds hints at some link between her father and the diamonds. So she sets out on a hunt for her missing father with detective Prashant Saigal and his aide Dr. Arvind Rao. Check out the film to know what follows as it releases on 27th August.

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