I don’t have a bikini body: Sonam

Mumbai:  Sonam Kapoor gets candid about her paunch, her patch-ups and the changing times in Bollywood.

Ques: You haven’t really shown skin or done intimate scenes on screen. When do we get to see a bolder you?
Sonam: When I have a better body… I have the body of a normal girl but I don’t have ripped abs. I have a little bit of paunch, little extra flesh on my arms and legs.

I don’t have the body for a bikini. Eventually whenever I want to work that hard on my body instead of my acting, I will. People want me to stay innocent in a lot of ways. A director said, ‘you are the only actress who doesn’t look jaded’.

Ques: You patched up with Abhay…
Sonam: I am not going to pretend as if nothing went wrong between us. I got upset about what he said. He wasn’t happy with the script. I think he was upset with the production also. If he wasn’t a good actor I wouldn’t be working with him again. If he said something about my dad or the production, that reflects badly on him, not me.

Ques: Is Ranbir next in line?
Sonam: It’s not in my hands. There have been no issues between us for me to extend an olive branch. I have always been civil and good with Ranbir.

Ques: Has the times changed for better for heroines?
Sonam: It’s degraded. Do you see women-oriented films like Mother India, Bandini, Sujata and Guide being made today? In the last one-year we saw films like Aisha, Fashion, No One Killed Jessica and The Dirty Picture.

Ques: Do you feel the need to be more diplomatic at times?
Sonam: I have always spoken my mind. I have never said anything mean unless someone attacked me. Obviously, I am not a Gandhian. You can state your opinion without stepping on another’s toe, which I am foolish enough to do once in a while.

Ques: You are known more as a fashion icon than an actress…
Sonam: People love me as an actor, that’s why some of the biggest directors are offering me movies. I’d rather be known as a fashion icon than someone who is very easy, or someone who sleeps around or someone who has too many boyfriends.

Ques: Your dad said other actresses are jealous of you.
Sonam: My dad can say that. I can’t. That will be really immodest (Smiles). Honestly, I have known girls who say ‘I wear simple clothes’ and the next thing you know is that they are flaunting designer clothes. That’s hypocrisy.

Ques: He also said you turned down Hollywood films!
Sonam: I don’t like talking about films I am not doing.

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