India clicks on ‘Like’ button

India clicks on ‘Like’ button

Facebook (FB) may have started late in India, but has been growing at a scorching pace. According to Social Bakers, which tracks social media, Indians have overtaken Indonesians as the second largest nationality on FB.

India has 43.4 million FB users, covering 53 per cent of online and 3.71 per cent of total population.
USA, the country with the most FB users, has 155 million users. But while FB users are declining in the US, they are exploding in India. Last month FB lost 2.7 lakh users in USA, but added 54 lakhs in India. At present FB seems to be growing thrice as fast in India when compared to Indonesia.
A typical FB user in India is a young male adult. Forty-nine per cent of users are between 18-24 years of age and 27 per cent between 25-34 years. FB usage drops rapidly in older age groups.

Just 3 per cent of those between 45-54 years use FB. Seventy-three per cent are male and 27 per cent are female. Fifty-five per cent of users in USA and 41 per cent in Indonesia are females.

What is popular among Indians on FB? If you look at top 50 pages from India, surprisingly bollywood and cricket take a back seat. Twenty one pages belong to businesses  or ‘brands’.

Bollywood has 10 and cricket has 6 pages in Top 50. More than anything this shows that businesses are pursuing FB to promote their brands aggressively, while bollywood and cricket stars are just going with the flow.

The most popular Indian page on FB is ‘3 Idiots’ with 8.5 million fans. A R Rahman is the most popular Indian on FB. With 7.4 million fans he is two notches above Sachin Tendulkar, who has 5.5 million fans.

Shreya Ghoshal (4 million fans) is more popular than Salman Khan (3.7 million) and Shah Rukh Khan (2.3 million). Two Indian deities are also among top draws: Ganesha (1.7 million)and Shirdi Saibaba (1.3 million).  Top 3 brands are Tata Docomo (6.1 million), Kingfisher (3.1 million) and Vodafone Zoozoos (2.8 million).

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