Indian musicians mourn the death of Whitney Houston

The Mozart of Madras, AR Rahman took to his microblogging site to offer his tribute by writing, “Another shining star of the music world gone too soon…! We will miss you, Whitney… Respect and prayers for you!”

The musicians, irrespective of genres, fondly recall her music to be inspirational. Pentagram frontman and Bollywood composer Vishal Dadlani says, “She’s inspirational. She’s given us some of the most unforgettable hits. She’s a great singer and artist. I fondly remember her music and her films.”

Another rocker, Raghu Dixit believes that Whitney is someone who’s been a great inspiration to his generation of music and will continue to be so for the ones to follow. “She was a great singer with such a powerful voice, yet this death makes us ponder how vulnerable a human being she must have been,” says Raghu. Singer Shweta Pandit says, “It is such a sad note to wake up to. Whitney has been my inspiration and my guru when it comes to vocal perfection.”

Similarly, singer Shreya Ghoshal says, “It is indeed very sad. She was one of the finest talents.” Louiz Banks, recollecting Whitney’s songs, says, “She has been one of the most inspiring singers. Her songs are going to be treasured by many. She has been the complete rockstar, giving her all for music.”

I will always love you; I wanna dance with somebody; Saving all my love for you; Where do broken hearts go; Greatest love of all

Whitney has been part of some famed movies as well. The most famous of them all being The Bodyguard, which was remade in India as well. She also acted in Waiting to Exhale and The Preacher’s Wife. Her last film, Sparkle, is yet to release. It is slated to hit the screens in August 2012.

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