Interview: A Musical Tête à Tête With Singer-Composer JOY SARKAR (Video)

By Soumitra Talukdar

Editor’s Note: You may also remember our first interview with Joy Sarkar around the time of the release of Riingo’s Bengali film “Jodi Ekdin” featuring music directed by him available here. We also recently published a musical interview with Lopamudra Mitra where Joy also appears extempore and impromptu posted here.

A chat and music session with Joy Sarkar

Calcutta, Aug 25, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) We continue our series of musical interview with Soumitra Talukdar chatting up singer-composer and Music Director Joy Sarkar at his residence in an informal setting. Joy talks about his career in music and breaks spontaneously into singing, strumming his guitar, over the course of this video interview !

Joy says, “My father Sudhin Sarkar is a singer and my mother, Kalyani Sarkar never forgot to hum a tune when she made our breakfast. They are the reason why I am doing, what I am doing today. I probably started recognising notes before I learned Bangla letters. It was like colour… the world seemed to be made up of little musical notes that wafted in the air. Music was not just a part of the world that I acknowledged to be mine… it was the world!”

Joy started  learning to play the guitar at an early age from Subrata Karmakar, Nepal Shaw and finally the legendary  Amyt  Dutta. Travelling extensively around the country and to all the corners of the globe he slowly graduated to doing sessions, arrangements and finally the one thing that he always wanted to do – composing. That was 1998. Since then he has been composing for albums, films, stage, television and advertising commercials.

His  compositions have veen sung by renowned like Haimanti Shukla, Alka Yagnik, Shreya Ghoshal, Srikanto Acharya, Shubhomita, Lopamudra, Momomoy, Shilajit etc . The Adhunik (Bengali Modern) song “Dekhecho ki takey” has been a great hit sung by Shubhomita.

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