Jism Chalo Tumko Lekar Chale Shreya Ghoshal

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18 Responses to Jism Chalo Tumko Lekar Chale Shreya Ghoshal

  1. aavi100 says:

    nice song….. 🙂

  2. edoesbak says:

    its not bad
    but my mother told me not watch it !!!! hahahahah

  3. preetijlo says:

    It is a nice song.

  4. xitup1 says:

    and also from “Body Heat”

  5. Curiousquest2 says:

    The way she takes the person whom she loves and whatever the socity think and she does not care ,and her love is so attached with her heart she has the courage she she tell off the society as she has true love for the person she loves.

  6. Curiousquest2 says:

    whar is the name of the movie if someone will respond.

  7. Curiousquest2 says:

    Shall be much appreciated if someone email me other of her Gazals in my email

  8. Curiousquest2 says:

    The best compliments with from the city of Vancouver (canada) and best wiishes and keep it up.

  9. Curiousquest2 says:

    She is telling the person from away from this society and it was nice of her she tells the person that the life will be different then this life .and she has said beautiful way ,even the there is shine of shinning of the world just leave and i will take to to another world as the it will be diferent that this world which you have been liviing so come wiht me.

  10. Curiousquest2 says:

    The beautiful song and Vancouver (canada) calling.

  11. SuperStarless says:

    i (L) this song

  12. Kareena1988 says:

    its sooo funny..the bhatt family always makes shamelesss women-men-having-bedscenes-films…now the last member_Pooja bhatt also starts..hehe..shes so ugly..thats why shes not doing films anymore=)

  13. Kareena1988 says:

    I do´`t like this movie..it`s too open for good people..but this song is fabulous

  14. indusdolphin says:

    Yes, the filmmaker stole the plotline and story from an old classic Hollywood film Double Indemnity.

  15. xoxMixedBeautyxox says:


  16. chelevolcketa says:

    this movie is ugly

  17. janetu2050 says:


  18. gunjan255 says:

    lovely song

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