Kat’s action sequence in Main Krishna Hoon

Mumbai:  Actress Katrina Kaif will be seen doing an action sequence for the first time in Rajeev Ruia’s upcoming animation movie Main Krishna Hoon, where she plays a cameo.

“There is an action sequence of Katrina Kaif in the film. She has done marvellous action. This is the first time where she is doing action of such kind,” Rajeev told IANS.

In the movie, there is a kid called Krishna and an animated Lord Krishna.

“The sequence shows that she saves the kid Krishna from the goons,” said Rajeev who had previously made My friend Ganesha.

Hrithik Roshan will also make a special appearance in it.

Same as “My Friend Ganesha”, it is also made with composite animation where an animation character will be seen interacting with a live characters.

“The film also shows that Lord Krishna is a big fan of Hrithik Roshan and he is eager to meet him. The whole climax is around Hrithik. How Krishna comes and meets Hrithik, interacts with him etc, etc,” said Rajeev.

Releasing Diwali, the film has Juhi Chawla in the lead role.

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