Lady Gaga felt liberated as dancer

London:  Pop sensation Lady Gaga says she finds being a go-go dancer liberating and doesn’t feel uncomfortable performing in her underwear.

The 25-year-old Marry the Night hitmaker says she found the experience “exciting” because it helped her earn money to further her career, reported Elle magazine.

“It’s quite exhilarating to dress in your underwear and have men coo over you all night. It’s quite liberating, if you’re into that sort of thing. Some people don’t like it but for me, I was getting paid to perform so I was very excited. I was getting 400 bucks a night, so I could go to Kinko’s and get the expensive paper and get it laser-printed and make nice flyers, not like the ones everyone else had. And get my demo tapes copied,” she added.

In 2008, Gaga caused a stir when she performed at a music conference in Los Angeles but she said she clashed with her record label because they didn’t like her image.

“I put everything I had into this one outfit. And the label called and said ‘She has to change her clothes. She
always wears the same thing.’ And I said, ‘Don’t you want people to know me? And remember me? I’ll be the girl with the very heavy bangs and the platinum blonde fringe and the black suit with big shoulders and the stick in her hand.’ People remembered it,” she added.

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