Latoo FULL SONG Ghajini Shreya Ghoshal U can download this songs from given website.

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25 Responses to Latoo FULL SONG Ghajini Shreya Ghoshal

  1. randomnessweird says:

    i. LOVE. this movie

  2. coolpieces says:

    i loveee the lines from 1:29 – 1:41.. <33

  3. priyaish says:

    Kareena ? Why ? She is not in the film !

  4. jalrox123 says:

    awsome HIT by great legend A.R Rehman

  5. lilpain10 says:

    nice song!i love music by shreya cause she sings gr8

  6. KkavishH says:

    zimbabwe ?

  7. lvu16 says:

    good song

  8. eshalovessrk1 says:

    songs is best

  9. attaljan says:

    this is such a good song and i’m right ok.jkfjrlygltjhgkrejglkfjtkjryitpiytoiyt;khlikylt

  10. thereisnorule says:

    that karina photo is so badly photoshopped. so obvious that it was pasted there

  11. sawera333 says:

    masti vala song yr hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  12. jetjulie says:

    latoo means crazy:P

  13. tubey1111111 says:

    Jiah did this song so much justice, i just love her

  14. juhi380 says:

    what does latoo mean?

  15. LoneBrownGuy says:


  16. VirginRose says:

    That she most certainly does, very well said.

  17. coolkittey2 says:

    type what?

  18. MrDonnumber1 says:

    she is very sexy i love sex sex sex sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. cosmicblast1 says:

    No, she’s singing the song. I’ve never heard her talking- I don’t know her, lol. But I’m sure her talking voice is just as beautiful

  20. Manga1245 says:

    OH! So shes singing the song!?! Or do you mean when shes just talking talking?

  21. sherryindahouse says:


  22. candyluver27 says:

    she has a pretty face 2. beautiful and talented, i really like her

  23. cosmicblast1 says:

    shreya has such a pretty voice!

  24. hawksense says:

    a latoo is spinning top.

  25. sonali215 says:

    WOW! how did u type tht? its cool

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