Loved doing action in Players: Abhishek

New Delhi:  Abhishek Bachchan is a huge fan of the original Italian Job and the actor says he jumped at the chance to star in the Bollywood remake as he was bored of doing experimental films.

The actor says he has seen the Michael Caine starrer many times and enjoyed doing the Abbas-Mustan’s Hindi remake ‘Players’, all set to hit theatres on January 6. “I enjoy doing action films. Actually, in the last two-three years I have done more experimental films and I was really looking forward to get back to my original love,” Abhishek told PTI.

“When Abbas narrated the film, I was all excited to start it. I knew he is the man who can handle the remake properly. Being from a British boarding school, Michael Caine used to be my hero. I have watched his ‘The Italian Job’ many times. There was a time when I used to know all the dialogues by heart,” the 35-year-old actor added.

The film was again made in 2003 by F Gary Gray, starring Mark Wahlberg and Abhishek is confident that it will be third time lucky for him.

“Mark Wahlberg did a superb job as he portrayed a completely different character of what Caine had done. He gave his own spin to the character.

“Similarly, when I approached the film, I also tried to do something different. I took it as a challenge to portray the character in my own way but by maintaining the essence of the originality in it. Usually in our films we see thieves steal either for greed or money. But there is an emotional reason attached to it,” Abhishek said.

Starting his career with cross-border love story ‘Refugee’, Abhishek has often been criticised by the critics for the kind of films he has done. But he says he has always taken criticism positively.

“People often compared me with dad (Amitabh Bachchan). But I have never felt low in my life. Rather I have looked at the other side of the criticism. People criticise me because they feel I am worth the comparison with my dad,” he said.

The actor, who has become a proud father of a baby girl with wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, said the presence of the baby did not stop him from promoting the film.

“Promoting my film is my priority at this moment as there are other people to look after the baby. That’s a part of one’s job. My family completely understands it. The actor said they are yet to come up with a name for the child.

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