Madalsa Sharma has no Issues being side tracked by Nilesh – Sanjay Dutt’s Nephew!

In a rare turn Maddalsa Sharma turns her attention from Southward to the Tinsel Town. It would not be too much if we give her the tag- Southern Siren turns to bollywood.

So can we call you a Southern siren? “I turned southward merely because Abbas Mastan had advised me to do some films down South. And having worked in South I feel I have learned few tips of acting. It is an additional feather to my acting career.”  Elaborating the difference in tollywood and bollywood she says,” People out there are damn professional, if they have to begin the first shot at 6a.m they will see to it that they call for the first at the same time. Bollywood guys are not very punctual. But I love to work in bollywood.In South I feel like an alien as I do not know the language at all, though I have learnt few words here and there. But all in all finally we are working in cinema and we enjoy our profession so it does not matter whether it is Tollywood or Bollywood.” She gasps.

madalasa sharma

Maddalsa was to be the muse of Abbas Mastan but things did not work as she expected. She was finalized for their film two years ago but since the script went hay wire and in the meanwhile she got an opportunity to work with Choreographer turned Director Ganesh Acharya she could not resist the offer.” Yes! I was to do a film with the duo director Abbas Mastan but somehow or the other things were being delayed and in the mean while I got a call from Ganeshji. I fared for an audition and got selected. ”

Talking about the character she adds,” I liked the character very much. I have to perform everything in gestures. I am suffering from cerebral palase and hence acting without speaking was like a challenge. I enjoyed performing this wonderful character.

Well! Since Nilesh Sahay is Sanjay Dutt’s nephew did you not feel side tracked? “No it is an advantage to have Sanjay Dutt‘s nephew as we get some extra perks for the publicity of the film. I never felt side tracked as I hail from the family belonging to the filmdom, so I can understand it fully well that Nilesh Sahay proved to be an extra bonus to us as far as publicity is concerned.”

Also being from the filmy family she feels she could easily avert being the victim to casting couch.” ‘Yes! I do agree that casting couch exists in the film industry. But since my mom belongs to this filed she handles all my meetings and my auditions. I am lucky to be moving under the protective wings of my mom. All my assignments are handled my mom. Also directors and producers are known to us, more over I do not think anyone will forcibly say,’ Mein tumhe role de raha hoon toh tum mujhe kya dogi.’ A girl is responsible to be the victim to casting couch they are infact the ones who readily make advances towards it. I feel we need to know our limits and success is bestowed upon us without facing any such things.” Confesses Madalssa.”

Last but not the least talking about her love interest she adds,” I am not interested in getting into any relationship. Especially getting involved in any love affair is not of importance to me. I can wait for match making. Right now I am interested in my career and definitely wanna make my name on the bollywood map” she concludes.

Hmmm…. the new kid on the bollywood horizon seems to have learnt her lessons well  merely because she has been nurtured in the filmy arena.

-Lipika Varma

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