Madhur reacts to new buzz on Heroine

New Delhi:  Reacting to reports of his ambitious new project, Heroine, being revived with Kareena Kapoor as the lead actor, director Madhur Bhandarkar has tweeted: “Whether i will revive film HEROINE, will decide after consultations with UTV or a fresh film, will surely update u in near future !!!”

Earlier today, a Mumbai daily and some blogs reported that Heroine would be revived with Kareena Kapoor as the lead actor.

The film, produced by UTV, has been officially shelved after lead actor Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s pregnancy was made public. Certain scenes were deemed to be unfit for the Bachchan bahu, now past her first trimester.

The fiasco led to a pained and depressed Bhandarkar lashing out at Aishwarya, claiming the actor hid her pregnancy and he came to know “like everybody else”. The brouhaha has even made the industry debate the feasibility of including a “no-pregnancy” clause in contracts of actors.

No official word is available as yet, but Bhandarkar has reportedly been sending feelers to Bebo.

If not Aishwarya, then Kareena and even Priyanka were in the reckoning for a few days till she tweeted and cleared the air. Let’s wait and watch who finally makes it as the Heroine.

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