Mallika Sherawat has a fetish for burqas

Mumbai:  While some celebs prefer to hide behind large sunglasses, others shield their faces with their hands lest the public recognise who they are.

Mallika Sherawat prefers hide behind a burqa, when it comes to hoodwinking shutterbugs.

Recently, the actress created a buzz at the Delhi airport and later at the Mumbai airport, after she refused to remove the burqa even during the duration of the flight.

According to a source, Mallika was flying from Delhi to Mumbai after wrapping up a schedule of Kismat Love Paisa Delhi and arrived at the Mumbai airport in a burqa.

The source said, “She declined to uncover her face even while checking in and going through the security check. If that wasn’t enough, she blatantly refused the on-board staff’s request to remove the burqa while she was seated in the business class of the plane.”

Apparently her efforts to hide behind the veil drew sniggers from co-passengers and amused many others at the airport.

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