Marriage is forever: Riteish

Mumbai:  Bollywood actor Riteish Deshmukh,
who is all excited about tying the knot with Genelia D’Souza,
says he is a believer in the institution of matrimony.

Riteish and Genelia would be getting married next month,
after being in relationship for eight years.

“I think it’s an institution for much long time… since
ages, and there is a reason why marriage has survived. I feel
slowly, we are probably running away from it.

“I personally feel that once you find a person, with whom
you truly think you can be with, then that commitment is for
the lifetime,” Riteish said in an interview.

The couple, who will marry on February 3, has refused to
reveal how and where the wedding will take place.

Their romance began on the sets of Tujhe Meri Kasam, a
debut film of both.

“I think when you are seeing each other for long… I
don’t think the question of freedom arises. You get used to
each other so much. We both have been very private
individuals. Today, that comfort level is going an extra step
ahead with a commitment of lifetime,” he said.

Asked about losing freedom of bachelorhood, he said, “I
don’t think there is any kind of fear as such… like my
freedom is gone forever or something,” he said.

“I was a bird happy sitting on a tree… I did not jump
around many trees… so I am fine,” he said with a chuckle.

Riteish also confesses that he never racked his brains
thinking whether Genelia was ‘the right one’.

“I never thought about whether she was the one… I was
just happy being with her. It did not matter to me to think
beyond that.”

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