Movie Review: Tanu weds Manu (2011)

Tanu weds Manu

Released on 25th Feb,2011
Tanu Weds Manu

Producers: Vinod Bachchan, Shailesh R. Singh, Surya Singh

Banner: Vitcom 18 Motion Pictures Paramahans Creations and Movies Ltd

Director: Anand.L.Rai

Cast – Credits : R Madhavan as Manoj Sharma; Kangna Ranaut as Tanuja Trivedi; Jimmy Shergill as Raja; Ravi Kissen · Deepak Dobriyal as Pappi ,Swara Bhaskar[Tanu’s friend]

Music: K rsna


Marriages are solemnized on earth although made in heaven. Tanu weds Manu showcases both unlike poles attracting to each other. Initially Tanu does not want to marry the simpleton yet intelligent Dr.Manu. However if it was not for the family’s satisfaction and Manu would have not made it to Kanpur he would have not met Tanu.

After meeting Tanu begins the interesting journey of Tanu weds Manu. What all happens in their life, the two opposite personalities keep bumping into each other and inspite of the fact that Tanu does not want to marry Manu nor does she love him. This small town girl who has studied in Delhi does not believe in arranged marriages also she always likes to do things opposite to what her parents want her to do. Her rebellious kind of a nature provokes her to do something happening and different in life.

The film tells the story of two individuals who are thrown together by destiny. Manu a doctor by profession has lead an unromantic life but after meeting Manu he gets cleaned bowled by her persona and decides to marry her. But Tanu rejects his proposal as she is already in love with someone else. Tanu very easily falls in love and also falls out of love. But finally she decides to marry Jimmy Shergill[Raja]. Nonetheless the best boy for Jimmy and Tanu’s marriage is Manu. He is there at every step buying the trousseau for Tanu, getting her married in the court. Finally, when Tanu realizes Manu’s love she clearly informs Jimmy about her love for Manu. The breath taking scenes as to what will happen to Manu’s love keeps the audiences nerves thudding. The climax in which Jimmy decides amicably to part with Tanu brings sympathy for Jimmy too. The romantic thrills and comic situations keep one glued to the silver screen. Though just love is being depicted yet you feel there is so much of happening.

Direction: Director Anand.L.Rai holds the sequences brilliantly. He really seems to have used all the nuances to holding your breath while depicted the intricacies in love. hold. The North Indian backdrop and its flavor have been portrayed excellently. Anand has carried forward the “Shaadi Ka Mahaul” brilliantly. A good on screen narration.

Story-Screenplay-Dialogues: A well knit, intriguing story, with tight screenplay. Comic yet emotional dialogues will definitely be liked by the audiences. Every minutest expression has been showcased with delicacy. While igniting romantic inclination towards Manu, Tanu recollects the difference in mannerisms of both R. Madhavan and Jimmy Shergill with reference to her dupatta episode-for this u need to watch the film. What will happen to the feelings of Dr Manu how will he win Tanu forms the crux of the intriguing story. Kya Shaadi upperwallen ke yahn se tai hoti hai? To know this go watch TWM

Performances: Madhavan has surely underplayed his emotions in a subtle, exuberant yet electrifying manner. For this he definitely deserves a pat on his back. Madhavan’s exuberant and simple performance will make the girls fall for him. Kangana has brilliantly performed her bubbly and extrovert character. Jimmy Shergill plays a negative character. He did equal justice to his character. Jimmy is surely matured in his performance. Swara Bhaskar plays Tanu’s friend she is a pleasant surprise and has performed well.

Music Director: Krashana has done a good job. Songs suit the situation and also pep your ears. Probably lack of promotions could not prove its worth.

Editing- Fast paced editing is enjoyable. Cinematography is ok.

TWM will allure the audiences down North. Overall a must watch film. . Kya Shaadi upperwalle ke yahn se tai hoti hai? To know this go watch TWM

-Lipika Varma

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